Fly high – ayumi hamasaki

Fly high single,
LOVEppears album.


I’ve always been unable to let go
Because of the scenery which I’ve become used to seeing

Even if I come to this place again someday
Will I still be able to look at the same sky
In the same way and say that it looks beautiful?
Maybe I’m just thinking too much
So let me sleep a little, before rushing off again tomorrow

Those ‘one step’s which I never took because I was afraid
Has all come together to form a long, long road
And it’s all too late now
So I thought about the place where I am now
And concluded that it’s not such a bad place afterall
As I came up with excuses for myself

In truth, I had never understood a single time
I just pretended that I knew it all

I’ve always been unable to let go
Because of the scenery which I’ve become used to seeing

Somehow, everything seems so small
Looking like small clumps to me
Maybe because the sky I looked up at
Was so endless and too wide
Maybe because I was by your side

In my head, I did understand
But I still turn around to look at that someone from somewhere
As they passed me by, and feel envious

Just how long more do I have to face these ridiculous demands?
I thought this way, because I met you

Everything must surely be in this hand
I can’t leave my dreams at this place
Everything must surely be in this hand
I don’t need a predetermined future

Everything must surely be in this hand
If I don’t move on, nothing will move
Everything must surely be in this hand
If I don’t start out, nothing will begin



Hanarerarezu ni ita yo zutto
Minareteru keshiki ga atta kara

Itsuka mata kono basho he kitemo
Onaji sora wo onaji you ni mite
Utsukushii to ieru no ka to
Boku wa kangae sugita no kamoshirenai
Sukoshi no nemuri ni tsuite mata asu isogou

Kowagatte fumidasezu ni iru ippo ga
Kasanatte itsukara ka nagaku nagai
Michi ni natte teokure ni nattari shite
Sono uchi ni nantonaku ima no basho mo
Warukunai kamo nante omoi dashite
Nantoka jibun ni riyuu tsuketari shita

Honto wa ne tatta no ichido mo rikai shinai mama de
Subete ga wakatta furi wo shiteitan da ne

Hanarerarezu ni ita yo zutto
Minareteru keshiki ga atta kara

Nandaka subete ga chippoke de
Chiisana katamari ni mieta no wa
Aoida sora ga amari hate naku
Hiro sugita kara datta no kamoshirenai
Kimi no tonari ni ita kara kamoshirenai

Atama de wa wakatteru tsumori demo ne
Surechigau dokoka no dareka no koto
Furikaette nagamete wa urayandari

Naimono nedari wo itsumade tsuzukete ikun darou
Sou omoeta no wa kimi ni deaeta kara desho

Subete wa kitto kono te ni aru
Koko ni yume wa oite ikenai
Subete wa kitto kono te ni aru
Kimerareta mirai mo iranai

Subete wa kitto kono te ni aru
Ugokanakya ugokasenai kedo
Subete wa kitto kono te ni aru
Hajimenakya hajimaranai kara



離れられずにいたよ ずっと




離れられずにいたよ ずっと






Translation: Misa-chan

S Cawaii! 2013 March: Ayu Feature Article

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Private ♡ Ayu

This spring, she is welcoming the 15th Anniversary since her debut. “Rather than just celebrating, I want to spend this year returning favours to the fans and thanking them”. With such feelings in her heart, ayu starts off this commemorative new year. In this issue, she answers everyone’s “I want to know!” with feelings of “Thank you”, with a series of Q&A sent in by readers determined to find out more about the “ayu now”, as well as a personal song-by-song review of the much-anticipated latest original full album.

Quote: I can welcome my 15th year because of all the support from my fans. “Thank you” from my heart


Ayu’s Q&A
Only for S Cawaii!!

Q1: Any things you have been doing to help maintain your style?
A: Exercising, pressure training, yoga, muscle training and more.

Q2: Do you run to maintain your figure?
A: I don’t run outdoors, but I do 2-hour sessions on the running machine at home.

Q3: Which part of your body do you like?
A: My tummy.

Q4: Do you usually eat breakfast?
A: I don’t~

Q5: Do you cook?
A: I do, surprisingly ♪ I’m quite good at it, actually (laugh).

Q6: Do you order delivery?
A: Definitely not

Q7: Do you like meat or fish?
A: Fish, I guess.

Q8: Any food you’ve been obsessed with lately?
A: Oden.
(Misa’s note:

Q9: Any must-haves in your oden?
A: I know I answered fish just now, but beef sinew is a must-have in my oden (lol).

Q10: What is your favourite ice-cream flavour?
A: Chocolate mint ❤

Q11: What would you want to have for your last meal on earth?
A: Curry and ramen just popped into my head immediately (laugh).

Q12: What kind of alcohol do you like?
A: Wine.

Q13: Which 3 things occupy the biggest space in your house?
A: Dogs, clothes, shoes.

Q14: What do you do when you have insomnia?
A: I always try to keep awake.

Q15: What is the first thing you do every morning?
A: Set my alarm to ring 5 minutes later, then go back to sleep.

Q16: Are you a morning person?
A: Extremely not, especially at the moment of waking (laugh).

Q17: What do you look like when you sleep?
A: I don’t wear pajamas. I’m the type who doesn’t like wearing anything to sleep (laugh).

Q18: Any favourite movies recently?
A: “midnight in paris” was good.

Q19: Where did you watch that?
A: At the cinema!

Q20: Have you visited convenience stores lately?
A: Yes. I bought Haagen Dazs.

Q21: Do you host all-girls’ parties?
A: Do I look like I do??

Q22: What are must-have items in your bag recently?
A: I don’t carry bags or purses around~ So I just have my phone, lip cream, and credit card. Did you think I’d answer “make-up pouch”?? (laugh)

Q23: Out of all the countries you’ve visited, which is your favourite?
A: I like Europe.

Q24: Where would you like to live?
A: If I could, probably L.A.

Q25: I wish to speak English as well as ayu, how should I study?
A: It’s best to make friends with native speakers.

Q26: When did you get your ears pierced?
A: At a wall in Daiei supermart in my hometown, when I was in elementary school. I tried to pierce it with a safety pin, but I wasn’t strong enough, so I used the wall to help push it through (laugh).

Q27: What was your nickname when you were a child?
A: Aa-chan.

Q28: How were you as a kid?
A: Fashionable yet introverted?

Q29: Describe your current personality in one word.
A: Optimistic.

Q30: What is ayu like normally?
A: Different from how everyone imagines me to be.

Q31: What are you thinking of now?
A: Can I speak honestly? I was thinking of what to have for dinner tonight (lol).

Q32: Which is your favourite season?
A: Summer. But I like winter too~

Q33: Do you have any special talents?
A: I can remember things almost immediately. I have quite a good memory.

Q34: Anything you are bad at?
A: I can’t remember people’s names. That’s the only thing I’m bad at.

Q35: What makes you most excited?
A: When I eat something delicious.

Q36: Which would you never give up on: eating, sleeping or having fun?
A: Eating & having fun.

Q37: Any song which you have been humming lots recently?
A: I don’t hum it out loud, but the LINE Bubble and LINE POP song keeps running through my head.

Q38: What’s that?
A: It’s a tune from a game. I’m No.4 among all my friends now ♪

Q39: Are you obsessed with that lately?
A: Correct!!!

Q40: What do you do lately that helps heal your soul?
A: Playing games (laugh).

Q41: Any moments of happiness recently?
A: When I get a high score (lol).

Q42: Which place calms you down the most?
A: Home.

Q43: What is your life motto?
A: I don’t subscribe to any, so pass!

Q44: What do you want most now?
A: These days, usually time.

Q45: Have you felt jinxed before?
A: There were times when everything went perfectly during rehearsals, but the main show was a total failure. So I always hope that rehearsals never go too well~

Q46: What is your treasure?
A: My fans.

Q47: Anything happened recently that made you think “I’m awesome~”?
A: The moment when I successfully cooked a roast beef.

Q48: What is one thing which you must do everyday?
A: Pressure training.

Q49: Anything that’s a trend amongst ayu and friends now?

Q50: What is one thing which you cannot stand in this world?
A: Bugs!

Q51: If you were a guy, would you want to marry ayu?
A: I will. Please note that I answered that immediately (laugh).

Q52: If you could be someone else for a day, who would you be?
A: One of my dogs.

Q53: What would you do if you had a week’s break?
A: I want to go someplace warm~!

Q54: If you could return to the past just once, when would you return to?
A: I don’t wish to return.

Q55: Any make-up item that you can’t do without?
A: Lip balm.

Q56: Any recommendations for beautiful skin?
A: My skin condition is great after I started pressure training. My complexion improved as well.

Q57: What’s the next hairstyle you’d like to try?
A: I’ve been changing it slightly all this time, but I’d like to return to long blonde hair.

Q58: What’s your personal fashion style like recently?
A: I’ve been going for rehearsals daily, so I’m dressed in sweats all the time.

Q59: What would you like your 15th Anniversary year to be like?
A: A year of returning favours.

Q60: If you could have a catchphrase for 15th Anniversary ayu?
A: It’s embarrassing, can I not come up with one? (laugh)

Q61: Anything you’d like to challenge in your 15th year?
A: I wish to continue facing challenges, without holding back.

Q62: What memories do you have of spring break?
A: Eh? Spring break? I’m bad at talking about my school days…

Q63: What’s a good place to go on a date during spring?
A: I don’t know, you tell me!

Q64: Any habit of men that makes your heart throb?
A: When he is working hard… Is that a good answer? (laugh)

Q65: What makes you fall in love?
A: I can’t explain, but I feel that because it’s love, it can’t be helped.

Q66: What is ayu-chan like when she’s in love?
A: I think I become like an open book (laugh).

Q67: Anything that your lover says that makes you happy?
A: I’m not telling~ Pass!

Q68: What do you do when you’re feeling depressed?
A: Feel totally depressed and fall to the very bottom, then bounce back up quickly.

Q69: Recommend an ayu song that can motivate the listener about love.
A: But I have so many sad songs~ (lol).

Q70: What do you do to make yourself seem attractive?
A: Just be yourself.


ayu explains every song on “LOVE again”
Chapter 4 of the 5-month consecutive release project which started last year, original full album “LOVE again” is complete! An album appropriately opening the curtains on her commemorative 15th Anniversary, we got ayu herself to introduce all the songs in this special issue!

Firstly, “Wake me up”, which received loud cheers when it was performed at Countdown Live as the opening. It’s a really cool song.
“I love every track in the album, but I really love this song ♪ I’ve kept this song for quite a while actually, always thinking that I’d like to use it someday, and when we were producing mini-album “again”, I just felt “Now’s the time!”, and this song was awakened. The lyrics didn’t come from my personal self. Instead, this is an unusually easy to understand, standard “Hamasaki Ayumi” song.”

“Hamasaki Ayumi” has always been likened to a sandcastle, even in the past. However, you have never lost to any storm. How about the 2nd song, “Song 4 u”?
When this was released in the mini-album, many people expressed their love for it, and many felt that it sounded like an old ayu song. However, every one of my songs is so much like me, so I don’t understand when people say that a song resembles me at any pont in time, in any way (laugh).”

You have quite a number of sad songs. This album has “LOVE”, a word associated with happiness, in the title, so isn’t this quite a depressing thing? Especially for “Missing”.
“It was love at first listen for me with this melody, and I just felt that “Missing” is a “very beautiful song”. And because of this, I felt some stress at writing the lyrics, and I took care to search for a compromise that suits both myself and the song. So that was my task.”

I see. How about “SAKURA”? I felt that this was a song that could only be created by ayu, after this period of 15 years.
“Yes. I wouldn’t have been able to create this song in my 20′s. This song is another one which had been lying around, already arranged and ready to go, but I just felt that it wasn’t the time, so I’ve held it close to me, waiting. Many songs in this album share this same story as well.”

It’s a title that reminds us of spring, but the song is not about stuff like “I want to do ~ in this season of sakura” (laugh).
“Ahaha. Those who expected that must have gotten a shock when they heard the song. If I may say so, listen to it alone on a quiet night, and you may hear my message… I guess.”

How about “Melody”, which just received a new PV?
“For me, “Melody”‘s PV left a deep impression. It wasn’t the first time that I did a one-shot PV, but it’s the first time that we’ve mobilized so many people, and employed set changes… I was amazed when the director said “OK” that I just squatted there, unable to move. And when I finally came to myself, I found tears flowing down my cheeks. The making-of clip has that too, so please check it out.”

The DVD this time contains 15 tracks of PVs and makings-of, a super volume. So, skipping the instrumental, we have “Bye-bye darling”. This one sounds like a deep song too, judging by the title (laugh).
“Ahaha. You are free to interpret it your own way, but I’m sorry to say that this song is not about love! (laugh) The recording for this song was done really quickly. The chorus parts were recorded super quickly too, so much so that the staff and I were all amazed. I felt a familiarity, like I’ve always been singing this song… I sometimes get this feeling, it happened with “MOON” too.”

Are the two songs similar?
“Many of my songs were composed by Hoshino Yasuhiko-san. Beginning with “A song for ~”, Hoshino-san has been providing me with songs for a long time. I find it easy to pen lyrics for his songs, and easy to sing them too. By the way, Hoshino-san is always there during recordings to give me vocal direction and instruction.”

Which song did you have the hardest time with on this album?
“”snowy kiss”. Wow, the recording itself almost destroyed my mind (laugh). Komuro Tetsuya-san’s songs are really tough~. I really love them, but it takes a long time before I can make them my own. There’s just so many notes involved, so it’s sometimes hard to fit words in. Sometimes, I try switching the key so that it’s easier to sing, but then the trademark beauty of Komuro-san’s tracks will be lost. A song shines most brightly when it takes all my effort to sing it. Many songs are like that. However, these songs are worth doing because they’re challenging. The next song “Sweet scar” is a old track by DAI-chan. The recording was, in contrast, the smoothest process. When I was recording this song, I remember Hoshino-san saying “Such a regret~, it’s such a good song~” (laugh). I received lots of messages from fans that they really love this song.”

Many lyrics from this album feel like letters written to someone. Is this the case for “Sweet scar” too?
“Yes. I wrote this song with that intention from the very beginning.”

What is the main difference between these “letter songs” from this album and your old tracks?
“That the songs are no longer directed at myself, I guess. It’s like there’s a clear recipient for these songs now… In the past, many of the songs ended up being messages written to myself, about issues like conflict and determination. However, I have set myself aside this time… That’s how it is.”

Your 15th Anniversary is “a year of returning favours”, so is that why your lyrics are directed at others aside from yourself?
“It’s really coincidence that the two ended up happening at the same time. When the album was nearing completion, I felt satisfied, thinking “I see, so that’s how things have fallen into place”.”

With the crazy schedule of the 5-month consecutive release project, there’s not much time to spend reflecting on the 15th Anniversary too (laugh). Shall we leave that to the end, and talk about “petal” first?
“It’s a mysterious song, like “marionette”. The song and lyrics are different from ayu’s usual style, so much so that the production staff were amazed. However, the lyrics are not strange for the sake of being strange. When I heard the song, things just fell into place, and I managed to pen the lyrics almost immediately.”

How will you perform such a song on stage? I’m really interested to find out…
“Look forward to that ♪! (laugh)”

Alright. So, please tell us more about “untitled for her… story 2″.
“When I first heard the song, I felt that it was really beautiful and gentle… An interesting incident during the recording was that everyone present was in tears when I was singing, so I ended up recording the song with no instruction and direction from anyone (laugh). This song is a private message to someone, and the person I am now just needed to write those lyrics and sing this song… That’s how I feel.”

What about “Gloria”? This one is a legendary combi with Hoshino-san too, right?
“This song has been the director’s baby for the past 6 years, and it finally made its way into the album this time… When I first heard the song, I remember feeling really nostalgic. The song just felt “right” to me, so no matter if years had passed, a good song will never lose its appeal. Moreover, when I was penning down the lyrics, it felt like the final puzzle piece was being fitted in, and it was just perfect for me now.”

As if it had been waiting for your 15th Anniversary?
“I truly felt that.”

The last 2 tracks! “Ivy” is really popular among the fans.
“This song received the most feedback out of all the tracks on “again”. This is another “letter song”, so that explains the lyrics. This may even have been the one that set off the chain of “letter songs”… I was really focused during the production process, so I felt that this self which I’ve been over the past few months got reflected in the album. This applies to all the songs on this album. I haven’t felt this way since “MY STORY”. During that time, I wanted a complete break from the past, so I worked on making the album my personal turning point. This album was the same too, just that I didn’t plan for it to be. So just what does it all mean? I’d like to find out too (laugh).”

The last song “You & Me”, which started the whole craze… S Cawaii! got to cover the PV filming then, and we were also planning the present campaign, and commemorating the fact that you’ve set many new records. Our editing department is really glad to have gone through it all with you (laugh).
“I know! The song has a strong image of midsummer, and though I’m rehearsing for Countdown Live now, I’ve inserted this song into the setlist. The dancers were amazed at how we can have such fun with this song even in winter (laugh). I had fun too, and get excited whenever I hear this song.”

That’s true! So, looking back on all 13 tracks, excluding the instrumentals, what has this album become for ayu?
“When I was arranging the tracklist, I had exciting and bubbly songs like “You & Me”, and ballads like “Ivy”, so I thought it would be tough to put them all together. However, I managed to string them together beautifully, so I guess this is really “my story” (laugh).”

I don’t think any of your past albums managed to express “Hamasaki Ayumi” and “ayu” so well.
“I’m relieved that I was able to distill myself into this album, for this 15th Anniversary. Now, I still have the great task of putting up a tour, but I will run through this 15th Anniversary with all my might!”

Translation: Misa-chan

ayumi hamasaki 15th Anniversary TOUR ~A BEST LIVE~ Ticket Lottery Round 3 Information

This round of ticket lottery is limited to members who joined (paid for) the fanclub before 8 March (Fri) 23:59.
The password for logging into the lottery site is your TeamAyu password as of 13 March (Wed).


This round of ticket lottery is available only for the shows listed below.

14 April (Sun) Saitama Super Arena
24 April (Wed) Nippon Gaishi Hall
25 April (Thu) Nippon Gaishi Hall
3 May (Fri/PH) Marine Messe Fukuoka
4 May (Sat) Marine Messe Fukuoka
11 May (Sat) Yokohama Arena
12 May (Sun) Yokohama Arena
15 May (Wed) Osaka Jou Hall
16 May (Thu) Osaka Jou Hall
25 May (Sat) Sanwa Arena (Aomori Ken Ei Skate Jou)
26 May (Sun) Sanwa Arena (Aomori Ken Ei Skate Jou)
1 June (Sat) Sun Dome Fukui
2 June (Sun) Sun Dome Fukui
8 June (Sat) Shizuoka Ecopa Arena
9 June (Sun) Shizuoka Ecopa Arena
7 July (Sat) Sekisuiheim Super Arena (Grande 21)
8 July (Sun) Sekisuiheim Super Arena (Grande 21)
13 July (Sat) Hiroshima Green Arena
14 July (Sun) Hiroshima Green Arena

*Some seats sold during this lottery may have an obstructed view.
*The ease of viewing the show differs from person to person.
*Inquiries sent via mail will not be answered.
*All information is to be distributed via e-mail or through the fanclub site.
*Although priority will be given to A-Course members, note that not all who take part in the lottery will have a chance to win.
*The fanclub will not answer inquiries about seating. No refund or claims can be made after purchase.
*Lottery is not based on a first-come-first-served basis.

ayumi hamasaki 15th Anniversary TOUR ~A BEST LIVE~
⇒ Tour Schedule here!



All seats 8,500yen

*In addition to the ticket price, 600yen will be charged per ticket as handling fee. Those who choose to receive their tickets through mail will be charged another 600yen as delivery fee.
*All above 3 years old need a ticket for entrance.
*Special child seats are available for those who come with children below 3 years old, but there will be an extra charge.
*You can enter the lottery multiple times during the open period.
- If you made a mistake during the first submission, please resubmit your entry again.
- The entry taken into consideration will be the latest submission. All previous submissions will be cancelled.
- Note that once you have submitted an entry, there is no way of cancelling it.



Each member can purchase up to 4 tickets per show.

*You can apply for the same show more than once to get more tickets.



■Open Period
15 Mar (Fri) 15:00 ~ 20 Mar (Wed/PH) 23:59
■Confirmation Period
Time of submission ~ 20 Mar (Wed/PH) 23:59
■Results & Payment Period
23 Mar (Sat) 13:00 ~ 27 Mar (Wed) 23:30

■Ticket Retrieval Period

(For those who selected the [Payment/Collection at 7/11] option)
April shows: from 5 April (Fri) 13:00 onwards
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June shows: from 10 May (Fri) 13:00 onwards
July shows: from 14 June (Fri) 13:00 onwards

(For those who selected the delivery option)
Tickets will be sent out via Yuu mail by the following dates.
April shows: 5 April (Fri)
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June shows: 10 May (Fri)
July shows: 14 June (Fri)

Delivery will be made to the address r registered with the fanclub as of 13 March (Wed).
*Those who changed their address after 13 March, please contact Yuu mail to arrange for alternative delivery options.

Final dates for change in address:
April shows: 29 March (Fri)
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June shows: 3 May (Fri)
July shows: 7 June (Fri)


To enter the lottery for tickets, and for more details about the tour schedule and lottery, check out this site!



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Tickets obtained through the fanclub lottery are forbidden to be resold or transferred to any third party, regardless of the reason. It is also illegal to sponsor or support any resale efforts by third parties.
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Tickets can be given to friends and family, but members have the responsibility of explaining that tickets given to them are not to be resold or put on auction.

※Should members purchase tickets and be unable to attend the concert due to unforeseen circumstances, selling of the tickets to immediate friends and family at the original ticket price is not considered to be “reselling”.

Quelle: TeamAyu

Translation: Misa-chan

ayumi hamasaki 15th Anniversary TOUR ~BEST LIVE~ General Song Voting Current Results!!!

The voting to decide on the setlist for “ayumi hamasaki 15th Anniversary TOUR ~BEST LIVE~”, the nationwide arena tour celebrating ayu’s 15th debut anniversary, has reached its midpoint, and the Top 10 songs for now have been revealed!!!


[Midpoint TOP 10]

★ A Song for XX
★ M
★ Memorial address
★ poker face
★ Who…


Voting is still ongoing!!!

You can now vote for any 3 of your favourite ayu songs to be performed at A BEST LIVE at all 7/11 stores nationwide. Just access the free Wi-Fi in the store to vote.
Voting period at 7/11 will be open from 18 March (Mon) 09:00 to 31 March (Sun) 23:59.

You can submit a list of 3 songs once every day!
Everyone, please send in lots of entries!!

Translation: Misa-chan

TeamAyu Official Shop & mu-mo Shop Original Gifts for “ayumi hamasaki COUNTDOWN LIVE 2012-2013 ~WAKE UP~”!!

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★ TeamAyu original gift: Original Magnet Calendar

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※ Gifts are limited and sent out on a first-come-first-served basis.
※ Please note that site access may differ for each time zone.
※ Preorders cannot be made over the phone.
※ Overseas preorders will begin at the same time as local preorders.
※ Please use the “Enquiries” function in mu-mo shop for questions regarding items, how to purchase, and delivery times.

Quelle: TeamAyu

Translation: Misa-chan

LIVE DVD/Blu-ray “ayumi hamasaki COUNTDOWN LIVE 2012-2013 ~WAKE UP~” out on debut anniversary 8 April!

From now till forever, let this singing voice reach out to everyone
From now till forever, let this singing voice reach out to everyone – 「Who…」

A recording of the moving Countdown Live concert, when ayu welcomed 2013, her 15th Anniversary year, with 13,000 audience! Each year, there are many who could not get tickets to this coveted “premium live”, held only once on New Year’s Eve, but the concert is now made available on DVD and Blu-ray! With super famous songs like “Who…” and “MY ALL”, popular tracks from latest album “LOVE again” like “You & Me”, “Song 4 u” and “Missing”, and the newest never-before-performed songs like “Wake me up” and “snowy kiss”, the colourful legandary night is created right here with such a grand setlist!!


2013.4.8 in stores
LIVE DVD & Blu-ray
『ayumi hamasaki COUNTDOWN LIVE 2012-2013 ~WAKE UP~』



01.Wake me up
04.Beautiful Fighters
05.Fly high
06.snowy kiss
08.Together When…
09.everywhere nowhere
10.You & Me
11.Song 4 u
13.Humming 7/4
14.evolution ~ SURREAL
15.until that Day…
18.Boys & Girls



01.Wake me up
04.Beautiful Fighters
05.Fly high
06.snowy kiss
08.Together When…
09.everywhere nowhere
10.You & Me
11.Song 4 u
13.Humming 7/4
14.evolution ~ SURREAL
15.until that Day…
18.Boys & Girls

Quelle: TeamAyu

Translation: Misa-chan

mu-mo special campaign for Hamasaki Ayumi’s 15th Anniversary!

■15th Anniversary Commemoration ☆ ayu’s BEST SONG Voting Campaign
[Anyone can participate] Please vote for your BEST ayu SONG, based on 5 categories.
Top 3 results for each category will be announced on 8 April (Mon)!
Voting period: 8 March (Fri) ~ 22 March (Fri)

↓ Voting Categories ↓
(1) Memorable song *Which single track left a deep impression on you?
(2) Hidden gem ※Which album track is a hidden gem?
(3) Best cheer song ※Which track do you listen to when you are down?
(4) Most relatable love song ※Sad, happy etc… Which is the most powerful love song?
(5) Sobfest ballad ※Which ballad makes you weep when you hear it?

Furthermore, TeamAyu members get 40mp per vote! You can get a total of 200mp ♪
(※Points can be used to redeem applications on feature phones. Points will be credited on 1 April.)

Voting can be done on i-mode/Yahoo! Keitai/EZweb access feature phones, and phones with Android OS2.1 (excluding 4.1). Voting cannot be done on iPhones, tablets, or the PC.


Vote now! [For feature phones/smartphones]

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Translation: Misa-chan

LIVE ayupans available as live wallpaper, wallpaper, standby screen Flash animation ♪

“ayumi hamasaki ARENA TOUR 2012 A ~HOTEL Love songs~”, an entertainment show unveiling the fictitious hotel, is to be released on DVD and Blu-ray!
Live wallpapers, wallpapers, and standby screen Flash animations featuring the stage design and ayupans in costume are here! Relive the emotion and excitement with your phone ♪

*Standby screen Flash animations available from 12 March 2013 (Tue) onward!




【Sample ayupan images】

☆For smartphones
・Live wallpaper…
All 10 ayupan designs will display at random. Tap the screen and the design will change. Furthermore, a secret ayupan will also make an appearance!?
All 10 ayupan designs available as wallpaper! Set your favourite ayupan!

☆For feature phones
・Standby screen Flash animation…
2 versions of Flash animation, each featuring 5 of the 10 designs, are available! The secret ayupan makes an appearance too!?



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Translation: Misa-chan

Hamasaki Ayumi available on Mobage “Avatar Coin Gacha”!

To commemorate the release of live DVD/Blu-ray “ayumi hamasaki ARENA TOUR 2012 ~HOTEL Love songs~”, Mobage will release Hamasaki Ayumi “Avatar Coin Gachas”!
Animations featuring costumes and hairstyles from the tour are available. Do get these time-limited Gachas soon!


More details here!

▼For smartphones:

▼For PCs:…aff=evg0000091

Translation: Misa-chan

15th Anniversary 5 Release Project Linked Gifts!!

The linked gifts for the 5-month consecutive releases are finally revealed!!

On 8 April 2013, new 15th Anniversary commemoration song will be available for download!

Members who have collected all 5 serial numbers will receieve 2 big gifts as well as a chance to enter a lottery to win 5 big prizes!!


Confirmed gifts! Download specials!

Gift 1: 15th Anniversary commemoration song
Gift 2: PC wallpaper featuring a never-before-released photo (Original ver.)
Gift 3: ”TeamAyu limited” PC wallpaper featuring a never-before-released photo (TeamAyu ver.)

<When to download>
8 April 2013 ~ 31 May 2013
*Just key in the 5 serial numbers within this period for immediate download access.

<How to download>
Key in the 5 serial numbers to form 1 set, available for 1 download.
*Compatible for download on PC, feature phones, smartphones (including iPhone/Xperia), and tablets. Not compatible with PHS.

*Gift 3 is only available for download by TeamAyu members.


Get these super rare items! 5 special gifts!

Special Gift 1: By lottery, 10 winners will get front row seats to nationwide arena tour “ayumi hamasaki 15th Anniversary Tour ~A BEST LIVE~”!
*10 pairs of front row seats to be won for any of the following shows!
– 4 May (Sat) Marine Messe Fukuoka
– 12 May (Sun) Yokohama Arena
– 30 June (Sun) Nippon Gaishi Hall
– 7 July (Sat) Sekisuiheim Super Arena (Grande 21)
– 21 July (Sun) Osaka Jou Hall
*Tickets must be redeemed by the winner personally on the concert day.

Special Gift 2: 3 winners will get one of ayu’s personal items!

Special Gift 3: 1 winner will get a handwritten copy of ayu lyrics!
*The winner can choose any song in ayu’s discography to have the lyrics written out by ayu herself.

Special Gift 4: ”TeamAyu limited” By lottery, 2 winners will get to become chorus members for a new song released in 2013!

Special Gift 5: ”TeamAyu limited” By lottery, 10 winners will get a personal autograph from ayu!

<Open Period / Results Announcement>
Open Period: 8 March 2013 00:00 ~ 31 March 2013 23:59
Results Announcement: 8 April 2013

*Gifts 4 & 5 are only available for TeamAyu members.

*5 serial numbers make up 1 entry, which makes the customer eligible to win all 5 prizes.


▼Key in your serial numbers here!!!



*5 serial numbers come together to make 1 set, which allows for 1 download and 1 lottery entry.
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*Gifts may be changed without prior notice.
*Serial numbers will not be reissued under any circumstances.
*Entries submitted after the open period will not be entertained under any circumstances.
*Inquiries about the lottery process will not be entertained.

Quelle: TeamAyu

Translation: Misa-chan