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LA Video

Hier das Video von Ayu aus LA vom 13.02.2009:
[dailymotion k6CT7ggci6o2kXWXh4&related=1]
English Translation:
Ah ! dreary atmosphere…
Are you alive there ?
Ah ! here is someone that I couldn’t film yesterday
It’s Kome chan !
there! it’s the bonus take !
Good cheer everyone !

TA Message 441 + LA Video

No. 441 12-02-2009 22h20
For once, I’ll post my video blog!
Kaz is in the process of climbing nearby ♪
The cameraman is …
Chon-chaaaan! (_) V
Hier das Video von Ayu:
[dailymotion k3PTp17Wbb0mZHWTTF&related=1]
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