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A & STAFF DIARY - “March 11th”

As you all know, today was the one year anniversary of the Japan earthquake. Ayu updated TA (now called A & STAFF DIARY) with her thoughts:
March 11th
11 March 2012. 00:01
What is everyone thinking of now?
Is everyone wishing?
Is everyone praying?
On March 11th a year ago, the troupe was busy creating HOTEL LOVE SONGS.
Nobody could have imagined [...]

05.03.2011 Hey my loBely guys!!! Welcome 2 TA family!!!

Hey my loBely guys!!!
Welcome 2 TA family!!!
U gave me a life.
U gave me beautiful wings to fly again to the blue sky when I couldn’t fly anymore with my own.
If u feel alone,when u feel empty,I’ll give u my new both wings.Even if its a last one,I would give it to u.
Just remember how much [...]


2 March 2011. 8:26pm

By lgiam2011 at 2011-03-03
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Princess Cocoa.
2 March 2011. 8:27pm
Is too cute, what can I do…. (//∇//)

By lgiam2011 at 2011-03-03
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2 March 2011. 8:28pm
Because he has been taking care of the house for so long, he’s a little tired. (laugh)

By lgiam2011 at 2011-03-03
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2 March 2011. 8:28pm
Looks [...]

27.02.2011 Today,

27 February 2011. 6:37pm

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I touched down at Narita Airport. When I smelled the smells and felt the breeze, I just felt so nostalgic for some reason. My heart was really complicated with both feelings of sadness and joy.
And as I took each step, more and more familiar things come into [...]

26.02.2011 at LA

26 February 2011. 12:26pm

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I finally sang the last song which signals the end of my days here, really really carefully.
And then,
All recordings have finished successfully!!!!!!!! o(≧▽≦)o
So that means????!!!!!!!!!!
I will be going home tomorrow ( ̄▽ ̄)v
Just wait, I’m coming!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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25.02.2011 Everyoneeeeee ☆

Everyoneeeeee ☆
25 February 2011. 10:15am

Are you all well today–!
Are you all smiling brightly–!
Are you loving yourselves–!
Are you forgiving yourselves–!
Are you treasuring your loved ones——!
As for me, I’m thinking of everyone with love, as always—–!
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21.02.2011 (*^_^*)

21 February 2011. 4:02pm

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I want to see you.
With this moon shining like a guide on the night’s road, I will be able to see everyone’s smiles in my dreams.
And then, very soon, the dream will become reality, and I will be able to really see everyone’s smiles.
Until that day, I will continue to [...]

[Team Ayu] 19.02.2011 Boo…

19 February 2011. 12:28am
Soon, in Tokyo, rehearsals for Love Hotel Tour will begin.
As for me, I realize I say this every year, I’m supervising from a distance.
Everyday, when I watch videos and see all the dancers and everyone in the performance team, I unconsciously feel like getting into a car and going [...]

12.02.2011 “Oh well,”

Oh well,
12 February 2011. 6:08am

So much is happening ☆
But even so, we’ve kept on walking.
We can’t stop yet. That’s how it is.
There is something I want to protect.
There are feelings I hold on to.
There is someone I love.
That’s why I won’t lose.
Because you are here, I can be strong. You may know that, or you [...]

07.02.2011 You know,

You know,
7 February 2011. 6:58pm

Someone gave this suggestion on Twitter just now. “About the tour, if a few people can be picked via lucky draw at each tour venue to take a tour of the back stage, won’t that be interesting?”
Backstage Pass ☆
What do you think?
Everyone, please send me your thoughts (^_-)-☆
If [...]