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New Album “LOVE SONGS” & New Collaboration Single “Dream ON” Release News

2th original album and collaboration single to be released on December 22nd!
New album:
Love songs
12th original album, “Love songs”, a christmas present from Ayu! Featuring 15 tracks from MOON to Last angel! CD+DVD, CD, and limited edition micro SD + USB + DVD + LP size photobook set! First press versions are [...]

49th Single “crossroad” Bigger Pictures

Click the pictures for larger version!
Jacket A CD+DVD

Jacket B CD Only

Jacket C CD Only

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49th Single「crossroad」Official Covers + Tracklists Revealed!

Quelle: Ayumi Hamasaki’s Official Site

New 48th Single 「MOON/blossom」 Releases On 14/7/2010

so this is the big announcement that Ayus said on her last tweet yesterday!
The announcement of the new 48th single, 「MOON/blossom」 .
This 48th Single will contain of 「MOON」 and 「blossom」which is also a double A-Side. Ayu’s single debut, poker face and A Song for XX which have already been released 10 [...]

New Album Full Tracklists Contain of 15 songs

Got this from Maxker @ AHS, a Japanese friend just sent to him about the new album’s tracklist which will contain of 15 songs including the previous singles’ songs, You were…/BALLAD and Sunrise/Sunset ~ LOVE is ALL~. Though this is still a rumor tracklist, let’s wait until the official info about [...]

“CDTV NO.1HITS” Album To Be Released On 23rd December 2009

Four of Ayumi Hamasaki’s best hits are included in these 4 types of “CDTV NO.1HITS” Album

●WOW WAR TONIGHT~時には起こせよムーヴメント~/H Jungle With t
●Purple Line/東方神起
●wanna Be A Dreammaker/globe
●There will be love there ー愛のある場所ー/the brilliant green
●be alive/小柳ゆき
●I WISH/モーニング娘。
他 全13曲収録予定

●Give me a Shake/MAX
●SMILY/大塚 愛
●Boys & Girls/浜崎あゆみ
●WHITE BREATH/T.M.Revolution
●ラストチャンス/Something ELse
他 全13曲収録予定

●ESCAPE/Moon Child
●Beautiful you/東方神起
●PEACH/大塚 [...]

New Single You were… / BALLAD

Seit Heute ist es offiziell. Es gibt eine neue Single von Ayu. Sie kommt am 16. Dezember in Japan raus. Es gibt auch diesmal wieder verschiedende Versionen:
You were… / BALLAD
CD+DVD - Version A
01.You were… (Original mix)
02.BALLAD (Original mix)
03.RED LINE ~for TA~ (Original mix)
04.You were… (Music Box mix)(仮)
05.You were… (Original mix -Instrumental-)
06.BALLAD (Original mix -Instrumental-)
07.RED LINE ~for TA~ [...]


For fans of Ayu’s good news, for others a little less. This year again the DVD of a nation gives pride of place to Miss Hamasaki who not only like a single other song on the cake but all his performances! Too bad for those who hoped through this DVD make a tour d’horizon a [...]

Sunrise / Sunset ~LOVE is ALL~ Covers and performances and etc.

CD Only:

Sunrise / Sunset -Love is All- [Jacket B]
Ayumi Hamasaki


Sunrise / Sunset -Love is All- [CD+DVD / Jacket A]
Ayumi Hamasaki

The promotion of the single has already started with the pool in August, also missed:

fan photos from Music Japan July 20th taping:
Apparently each fan (400) were given a free a-nation 09 towel…lucky! I love [...]

Premium Countdown Live 2008-2009 IN STORE 13.05.2009!

Ayumi´s Premium Countdown Live 2008 - 2009 kommt am 13.05.09 in die Läden. Die DVD kostet bei CD Japan 5600 yen etwa 44,04 Euro. Bestellen könnt Ihr es hier:

ayumi hamasaki Premium Countdown Live 2008-2009 A
Ayumi Hamasaki
description from cdJapan:
Live DVD release form Ayumi Hamasaki featuring footage of her “ayumi hamasaki Premium Countdown Live 2008 - 2009 [...]