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Rock ‘n’ Roll Blog Update 15.10.2010

Well Done Party☆↑↑↑
15.10.2010 (Fri) 01:02 AM
I made you think that Rock’n’Roll Blog is over yesterday, but I update a blog. laugh
I’ll show you part of 7days Special well done party!!
Oh my God, this party was so gorgeous, because we chartered a luxury liner!!
But I forgot to take a photo of the essential outlook. I’m sorry [...]

Rock’n'Roll Blog Update 13.10.2010 (final entry)

I’m sad it’s ending~ such a great tour~
Thank You.
2010.10.13 (Wed) 11:01PM

Rock’n’Roll Circus Tour FINAL~7days Special~

Super final of October 11th was over without any accidents, so we could wrap up seven stages in top conditions!!!

In the main stage, the stage altered their expression every song and kept fascinating everyone.

In the encore, everyone came together and reached [...]

Rock’n'Roll Blog Update 10.10.2010 - 11.10.2010

Inexhaustible A Troupe☆
10.10.2010 (Sun) 00:51 AM
7day Special live concert took two days off, and has restarted three days concert!!
When both performers and staffs are getting tired, but…

More under the cut!
we can be up on stage in good condition without getting out of shape,
in cooperation with special-built avex clinic and tune:up.
Incidentally, the three of them are [...]

Rock’n'Roll Blog Update 07.10.10 - 08.10.10

Fourth Day Was Over~!!
2010.10.07 (Thu) 2:35PM
How quickly the time goes!

Four of the seven days performance were over!!

I often hear it said that concert live is dynamic in nature,

but that’s quite right, so we can never make the same stage again.

Please bring it on to not lose to A troupe thinking of one day at the [...]

Rock ‘n’ Roll Blog Update 03.10.2010 - 06.10.2010

The Curtain Has Went Up–★★★
03.10.2010 (Sun) 02:56 AM
At last, it has started.
Rock ‘n’ Roll Circus Tour FINAL~7days Special~!!!
In a blink of an eye, National Yoyogi first gymnasium was filled with excitement and roaring exultations.
We realized, no, fully realized that how everyone looked forward to comimg this day.
We’ll gain more speed to finale on October 11th [...]

Rock ‘n’ Roll Blog Update 30.09.2010 - 01.10.2010

2010.09.30 (Thu) 01:23
『L』, Much-loved and Now on Sale
Good evening, everyone☆
Yesterday, September 29th was
Ayumi Hamasaki 50th SINGLE♪♪♪

the release date of『L』-!!!!
Gori looks into the camera!!( ̄▽ ̄;)
More under the cut!

Of course, you have already gotten it, haven’t you??
So, that’s memorable 50th single,
recorted contents is super gorgeous.
If you haven’t get it yet, please check it right now!!
in commemoration of releaseing [...]

28.09.2010 Rock’n'Roll Blog Update

Two entries for the 27th~
Rehearsal Day 2
27.09.2010 3:07AM
Rehearsal; nevertheless, rehearsaring for 2days running means burning calories as same as we make performing for 2days,

but as might have been expected, we were tough. No, tough company!!!!!

We did a good job to the end with full of MAX energy.
More under the cut!


This is…

The storongest triangle of Peco-san, [...]

Rock ‘n’ Roll Blog Update 26.09.2010

Rehearsal Day 1
26.09.2010 01:55 AM
Yesterday, we have Rock’n’Roll Circus Tour FINAL~7days special~’s 1st day rehearsal
So I’m going to report look of this rehearsal☆
Dancers who are doing final confirmation of little movement & points of change↓↓
More under the cut!

A man who is walking in an opening in dancers↓↓

(This is a miraculous shot.)
And danders↓↓

From the beginning of [...]

Rock ‘n’ Roll Blog Update 24.09.2010

Rock’n’Roll Circus Tour FINAL~7days Special~Rehearsal★
24.09.2010 (Fri) 04:17 AM
During the rush of CD single releasing,
We’re also going on 7 days Special’s rehearsal steadily.
Yesterday, we moved to certain place
and had a rehearsal as close to actual stage as possible.

More under the cut!
You know, but leader Ayu and everyone have a serious face.
Dancers and Performer team also get [...]

Rock ‘n’ Roll Blog Update 16.09.2010 - 22.09.2010

L.A Diary☆Spin-off★
16.09.2010 (Thu) 19:16 PM
From ayu’s diary in official fan site Team Ayu,
The person who made leader Ayu’s very cute, curly hair is…
This man ↓↓↓
change his name to



He is more soothing man than Shirotan.
See you again  ̄y ̄)ノ~~
From A staff Minazou
More under the cut!
『crossroad』Will Release in 5 More Day!!
17.09.2010 (Fri) 15:01 PM
With 『crossroad』and『L』’s releasing for the [...]