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Hamasaki Ayumi - crossroad (Short Ver.) + Live by Music Station

Hamasaki Ayumi - crossroad (Short Ver.)

Sexy Little Things PV


HQ version of 「BALLAD」PV is up on Youtube!

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Finally the full version of 「BALLAD」PV is out.
Here the Video:

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Ayumi Hamasaki「You were…」 PV HQ Version

Ayumi Hamasaki「You were…」 PV has been released last night. Here’s the youtube video:

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PV 浜崎あゆみ- Sunrise ~LOVE is ALL~ & 浜崎あゆみ-Sunset ~LOVE is ALL~

浜崎あゆみ- Sunrise ~LOVE is ALL~ PV:

浜崎あゆみ-Sunset ~LOVE is ALL~ PV:

[romaji and translation] Sunrise ~LOVE is ALL~
Motto soba ni kite
Motto shinjite mite
Mujaki ni warau boku no daisuki na
Sono egao ni tsui sakki made
Namida ga kimi no hoo de hikatte ita koto o
Shitte iru yo
Arinomama o misete toka
Nante kantan ni iwanai kedo
Donna kimi o mi chatte mo
Uketomete [...]


Hier das PV:

Sparkle und Curtain Call PVs

Ayumi calling itself the “limit” and weighed his words! Downright vulgar, deliberately tasteless, confusing, psychedelic, after a series of clips ennuyeux FINALLY Ayumi does not leave us indifferent … for better or for worse.
(source : HACEN@AMF)

Sparkle PV

After a Sparkle who will scream more than one, Curtain Call will make everyone (or almost) agree: the image [...]

Rule PV

Hier das komplette Video:
[youtube T0llu8-3HwM&hl=de&fs=1]

Ayumi Hamasaki Days PV

Hier ist das PV zu Days:
[dailymotion k4fB9yoSKVyznERzGG&related=1&canvas=medium]