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POWER of MUSIC Blog Updates: “Nippon Gaishi Hall ★” & “Nippon Gaishi Hall Day 2 ★★”

POWER of MUSIC blog. 13/10/2011. “Nippon Gaishi Hall ★”
Nippon Gaishi Hall in Nagoya, the location of the last shows,

Let us introduce some beautiful cosplayers!!
More under the cut!
Firstly, these girls who wear red so well ↓↓↓

It’s the costume from the live performance of that song ☆
Do come with your pompoms next time too!!

WOW!! Awesome!!! An exact [...]

POWER of MUSIC Blog Updates: “Mini-sizing.”

POWER of MUSIC blog. 7/10/2011. “Mini-sizing.”
In recent years, lots of things in our world have undergone mini-sizing.
Digital cameras, music players, even pets have been downsized.
I guess you can’t downsize humans.
You can’t…

Let’s see that again.

Caption: Plastic bottle (purple), artist-san (pink), bed (blue)
This popular female artist by the name of A-san has successfully mini-sized.
“Yay ♪”

She says.
She’s soo [...]

POWER of MUSIC Blog Updates: “Shizuoka Ecopa Arena ★”

POWER of MUSIC blog. 7/10/2011. “Shizuoka Ecopa Arena ★”
The 2 days at Shizuoka Ecopa Arena

have ended successfully!!
Time really flies when we’re enjoying ourselves (ノД`)・゚・。
So while we’re all still immersed in the concert afterglow,
let’s introduce some of the fans who came down to watch the concerts ☆
So, let’s quickly view them all with a Dodo~n!!

Everyone is [...]

POWER of MUSIC Blog Updates: “Osaka Jou Hall Digest ☆”

POWER of MUSIC blog. 3/10/2011. “Osaka Jou Hall Digest ☆”
In conclusion, thanks to all you powerful Kansai fans ♪
The live was a huge success ↑↑↑
You were all so powerful that it felt like we were doing the finale show (☆ω☆)
So let’s go over these 2 exciting and touching days again with some photos ♪
Though Day [...]

POWER of MUSIC Blog Updates: 30.09.2011 - 01.10.2011

POWER of MUSIC blog. 30/9/2011. “Restartttt!!!!!!”
Having temporarily closed its curtains during July,
ayumi hamasaki ~POWER of MUSIC ~2011 A
having changed its name to
ayumi hamasaki ~POWER of MUSIC ~2011 A FINAL Chapter
will be restarting today, 30th September, at Osaka Jou Hall!!!!!
Moving forward without stopping,
Hamasaki Ayumi leads the A troupe on,
so let our show fill up
your skin, your eyes, [...]

POWER of MUSIC Blog Massive Updates!

Sorry that I’ve not been updating POWER of MUSIC Blog Translations for so long. I totally skipped it. T__T
So I’ll just post the links to the blog that provides the translation.
17.08.2011 - 21.08.2011
POWER of MUSIC blog. 17/8/2011. “Reporting from a-park!”
POWER of MUSIC blog. 20/8/2011. “Osaka-nation Day 1 ☆”
POWER of MUSIC blog. 20/8/2011. “From Nagai Park [...]

POWER of MUSIC Blog Updates: “Fukuoka a-nation ☆” & “Fukuoka a-nation ☆ Part 2″

POWER of MUSIC blog. 9/8/2011. “Fukuoka a-nation ☆”
Summer’s large outdoor music event, a-nation for Life 10th Anniversary,
following the Ehime show, has concluded well for all artists
at Fukuoka’s Uminonakamichi Seaside Park!!!
Not losing out to the slowly increasing temperatures, the audience were energetic till the very end ☆

More under the cut!
↑↑ The white lights in the background [...]

POWER of MUSIC Blog Updates: “a-nation is onnnnn—!!!”

Summer’s biggest outdoor event
a-nation for Life 10th Anniversary
has finally begun today
at Ehime Prefecture’s Sports Park Ninjinia Stadium!!!!!
Let’s live through this hot summer together—– ☆★☆★

A STAFF Minazou
Credit & Translation: misachanjpop @ wordpress
Quelle: POWER of MUSIC Official Blog

POWER of MUSIC Blog Updates: “The first half of POWER of MUSIC has ended!!!”

With yesterday’s show at Yoyogi National Gymnasium,
the battle of the first half of 『POWER of MUSIC~2011 A』 has ended!!
And starting from the 30 September show at Osaka Jou Hall,
『POWER of MUSIC~2011 A FINAL Chapter』 will return,
with Hamasaki Ayumi leading the best performance troupe, the A Troupe, which has evolved yet again!!!!
So until that day, it’s [...]

POWER of MUSIC Blog Updates: “Day 1 at Yoyogi ★”

Ended on a really high note!!
Seems like it’ll get even hotter tomorrow.
Let’s drink more water, sweat lots, and create the best memories for this summer! ・*:・゚☆(*ゝ∀・*)b ☆・*:・
And so, so,
along the corridor backstage, there’s always lots of refreshments lined up, which we are totally grateful for.
From Eto-san, commonly known as “Jacky” ↓

More under the cut!
Inari sushi-sans [...]