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Hot Pepper 2013 April: ayu Feature Article

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Past experiences are fodder for the future. Like this, we accumulate it all, decade after decade
With her latest original album “LOVE again” and setting of new records, Hamasaki-san has started off her 15th debut Anniversary debut on a great note. For her nationwide tour starting in April, she embraces the feelings of “returning [...]

S Cawaii! 2013 March: Ayu Feature Article

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Private ♡ Ayu
This spring, she is welcoming the 15th Anniversary since her debut. “Rather than just celebrating, I want to spend this year returning favours to the fans and thanking them”. With such feelings in her heart, ayu starts off this commemorative new year. In this issue, she answers everyone’s “I [...]

JELLY 2013 April: Ayu Feature Article

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Ayumi Hamasaki FAIRY & AIRY WHITE
Hamasaki Ayumi, embraced in white.
AYU, who will be celebrating her 15th debut anniversary on 8 April, has once again chosen to go for a brand new feel this issue – white. Without any decoration, unstained by anything. As if linked to such feelings of whiteness, she bares her [...]

ViVi 2012 November: Deji Deji Diary

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Special thanks to Yayou@AyuMirrocle World.
Ayu’s Deji Deji Diary Vol. 146 November

The most exciting a-nation performance was fully unleashed this year too on stage at Ajinomoto Stadium!!!!


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Bea’s Up 2012 September: Ayu Feature Article

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Hamasaki Ayumi Last Summer Cruise
An announcement for the end of a short, liberal summer. Baring the body she has worked hard for everyday, putting on make-up to colour match with the strong sunlight… Such a summer makes one wish to taste a little more of its lingering memory. This issue’s [...]

ViVi 2012 October: Deji Deji Diary

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Ayu’s Deji Deji Diary Vol. 145 October

This month’s Deji Deji Diary is a special version!!!!
It’s about the making of “Ayu HEART NAIL BOOK”,
finally released this month!!
Full of precious off-shots from the photoshoot.
Do check it out!!!
Ayu in different poses for the various scenes. Each set, make-up, and hairstyle is totally unique to match [...]

Vivi Deji Deji Diary Vol. 146

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Vivi Deji Deji Diary Vol. 145

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JELLY October 2012

Sorry I didn’t post these right away; I wanted to wait for the full HQ scans - and here they are! ^^

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30th S Cawaii! Cover Appearance Commemoration Gift Campaign!

To commemorate ayu’s 30th appearance on S Cawaii!’s cover, the gift campaign is now underway!
Clothing items and accessories worn by ayu in the “You & Me” PV, as well as the S Cawaii! photoshoot, will be given away as gifts!
All items are from ayu’s personal collection!!!
For more details, visit S Cawaii!’s official site:

*Information about the [...]