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Fly high – ayumi hamasaki

Fly high single,
LOVEppears album.
I’ve always been unable to let go
Because of the scenery which I’ve become used to seeing
Even if I come to this place again someday
Will I still be able to look at the same sky
In the same way and say that it looks beautiful?
Maybe I’m just thinking too much
So let me sleep a [...]

untitled for her… story 2 – ayumi hamasaki

from LOVE again album.
It’s alright, I’ve overcome it
That was your expression
It’s been 5 years since that day
Days and nights had passed
Even now, my wish
Has not changed
Just once, just once is enough
I want to see you
Holding hands and walking on
The two of us cried and laughed
Over the smallest things
From the place you have chosen to be
Looking [...]

Bye-bye darling – ayumi hamasaki

from LOVE again album.
What is this feeling?
When you feel so far away
Slowly becoming blurred
I can’t feel you at all
Slowly closing my eyes
Then slowly opening them again
If I continue to do this
You may just disappear
I have no excuse
No glossing over the facts
The one who made the choice, even if it was a mistake
Is none other than [...]

petal – ayumi hamasaki

from LOVE again album.
Along the usual never-changing
Road towards home
I met with a single
Unfamiliar flower
Its colour, shape, and all else
There was nothing I really liked about it, but
I couldn’t help
But be captivated by it
Loves me, loves me not, loves me, loves me not
Plucking off the petals one by one
The last remaining petal
If only it can land [...]

SAKURA – ayumi hamasaki

from LOVE again album.
The clear cool breeze stings my cheeks
You are always, without fail, the one who granted me such nights
Alone, I read your messages over and over again
Just what were you feeling when you wrote them?
Why is life so full of sorrow?
Why is life so full of joy?
Ah, what I can do for you [...]

Gloria – ayumi hamasaki

from LOVE again album.
Somehow, we forget things really quickly
Like when this started, or where
Or the kind of winds which blew then
Somehow, we get used to things easily
Like being stung by wounds, or being unable to smile
And everything else
The reality right here, and all the love in my arms
I embrace them tightly
What you see with your [...]

Ivy – ayumi hamasaki

from again mini-album.
So many things have happened
So many mornings I’ve welcomed
So many loves I’ve met
So many forms they had
So many sins I’ve committed
So many people I’ve hurt
So many mistakes I’ve made
So many things I’ve learnt
Through that, I’m here now
Ahh, now I look back briefly at the past
Then, nodding, I waved it goodbye heartily
Ahh, I face [...]

snowy kiss – ayumi hamasaki

from again mini-album.
Goodbye to the one who loved me, the one I loved
Goodbye to the one who loved me, the one I loved
Gazing at the sinking Sun
“Please somehow don’t leave me
In the night’s darkness just yet”
But the more I prayed, the faster it sunk
It will go to shine on the next lost soul
So that girl [...]

Sweet scar – ayumi hamasaki

from again mini-album.
I want to become gentle and strong as I hold you tight
Before we knew it, the colours of the city had changed
That dazzling season had already passed us by
We’ve been through lots of nights
We’ve cried and we’ve laughed
Just like that, we’ve somehow pulled through, but
We’ve continued walking to this day
I want to become [...]

Wake me up – ayumi hamasaki

from again mini-album.
With a thirsty throat
The vacant memories
Remain like yesterday, yet crumble even more
Like my hair and make-up
As I collect the scattered pieces
And within my calm cold mind
Finish up the puzzle
I gotta let you go
I gotta let you go go go
There is everything, yet there is nothing
That is the law of this sandcastle
Now wake up [...]