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HOTEL Love songs blog. 29/7/2012. “HOTEL Love songs Shizuoka Branch Day 1!!!”

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HOTEL Love songs Shizuoka Branch Day 1!!!
29 July 2012. 11:50
As the scorching sun rays, hot enough to burn our skins, shone down as if it’s the height of summer!, the HOTEL Love songs Shizuoka branch opened in Shizuoka Ecopa Arena yesterday!

Tension ran high during the live, making it a steamy show where everyone’s heat [...]

HOTEL Love songs blog. 29/7/2012. “Princess Yoko ☆”

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Princess Yoko ☆
29 July 2012. 11:30
Hello, everyone~!
This is Princess Yoko, a chorus singer for the hotel!
Did everyone enjoy themselves during Day 1 at the Shizuoka Ecopa Arena?
Talking about Shizuoka…
It’s definitely about

This was taken during New Year’s this year, at my hometown Fujinomiya City in Shizuoka.
And today, I’d like to introduce the new chorus team, [...]

HOTEL Love songs blog. 28/7/2012. “Memories of Stayover ☆ Osaka Day 4!!!”

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Memories of Stayover ☆ Osaka Day 4!!!
28 July 2012. 18:30
Day 4 at the Osaka branch was so sunny, making the rains from the previous day seem like a lie ☆

The strong sunshine shone down and it was a really hot summer’s day, but the live was a hot, hot, hot night as well!!!
The Osaka [...]

HOTEL Love songs blog. 23/7/2012. “LOVE LETTER☆KO”

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23 July 2012. 02:20
Thank you so much to all who stayed over at
OSK HOTEL love songs
Also, thank you truly to everyone from all over the world, who could not come for the show but still sent us your messages and power~!
This is hotel staff KO, who is in-charge of the Super suite room [...]

HOTEL Love songs blog. 4/5/2012. “MIDORI ☆”

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4 May 2012. 02:50
Thank you to all
for staying over at Hotel Love songs Fukui branch today!!
This is Midori, in charge of the front desk.
To everyone who stayed over today, how did you find our hotel?
At our Fukui branch,
the setting is such that we could see everyone’s faces really clearly,
and your passion and [...]

HOTEL Love songs blog. 21/4/2012. “Fukuoka Branch Open!!”

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Fukuoka Branch Open!!
21 April 2012. 23:48
Greetings! This is a staff of HOTEL Love songs, blue-haired SUBARU!
We sincerely thank all those who spent the time with us
during the Fukuoka branch grand opening today!
As expected of ayu-chan’s hometown! The passion is amazing!
This is the most we’ve ever perspired during this tour!
Oh, since this is ayu-chan’s [...]

HOTEL Love songs blog. 14/4/2012. “Correct Answer ☆”

Correct Answer ☆
14 April 2012. 22:24
Good evening!
Micchii here.
Thank you so much to all those who stayed over today!!
The show has just ended, so it’s blog-time now ♪( ´▽`)
The quiz that was updated during the day… Could everyone guess who it was? (^○^)
The correct answer is.
This guy, who has super beautiful skin!

Timmy-ko-san ☆
Congrats to all who [...]

Love songs’ Blog Update: “Tour Rehearsals ☆””

ARENA TOUR 2011 A~HOTEL Love songs~
Is having lots of rehearsals in preparation for
The first show at Saitama Super Arena on 9th April!!
Because every single thing will be so wonderful
Please look forward to it!!!!
Peco-san is also

Caption: I can do it
Super ready for it!!!
As the show day approaches, we’ll bring you more photos of rehearsals, so do [...]

Love songs’ Blog Update: “Live Report ~Recording Studio~ part 2”

Love songs blog. 14 February. “Live Report ~Recording Studio~ part 2″
14 February 2011. 5:50am
Previously, the live report was cut off halfway, but here we present to you part 2!!
After walking down the really lo~~~~ng corridor
We come to this fashionable waiting room (In the photo: Mr Minazou, sitting in a strangely upright posture) (laugh)

Mr Minazou, who [...]

27.02.2011 Love songs’ Blog Update: “To everyone in Japan…”

To everyone in Japan…
27 February 2011. 7:56pm

“I’m back!! (≧▽≦)ノ”
A STAFF Minazou
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