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Sunrise / Sunset ~LOVE is ALL~ Covers and performances and etc.

CD Only:

Sunrise / Sunset -Love is All- [Jacket B]
Ayumi Hamasaki


Sunrise / Sunset -Love is All- [CD+DVD / Jacket A]
Ayumi Hamasaki

The promotion of the single has already started with the pool in August, also missed:

fan photos from Music Japan July 20th taping:
Apparently each fan (400) were given a free a-nation 09 towel…lucky! I love [...]

Interview Cawaii May 2009

The last day of shooting for Cawaii! Ayu was not very talkative. But plunging in the past, this is what she wanted to tell us.
“You know, the same way we say that the end is a beginning, I think it happens to everyone at some point in his life, leaving for a” NEXT LEVEL [...]


01. Not yet
words: ayumi hamasaki
music & arrangement: CMJK
Pretty much the album opening! I guess it’s a flat-out question. I’ve encrusted the entire album with secrets… secrets of people… secrets which have various meanings of various assortments.
And also, the miracle leading up to here. The term “miracle” is close to my heart… Finishing this album — [...]