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HOTEL Love songs blog. 22/7/2012. “Osaka SUMMER”

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22 July 2012. 15:50
Welcome to SUMMER!!
And with that!
Hello everyone!!
Has everyone seen the (partial) video clip for new song “You & Me”, to be included in “A SUMMER BEST”, coming out on 8 August?!
This song really makes you feel the beginning of 2012′s summer, so please do try to listen to it everyday [...]

HOTEL Love songs blog. 22/7/2012. “HOTEL Love songs Osaka branch Day 3!!!”

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HOTEL Love songs Osaka branch Day 3!!!
22 July 2012. 13:10
The rainy season is over, and summer has finally begun at Osaka Jou Hall. HOTEL Love songs Osaka branch (Day 3) opened yesterday! (^_-)

As expected of Osaka!!!
Everyone’s passionate cheers steamed up the venue, and it was a super exciting party night of non-stop cheering.
Here [...]

HOTEL Love songs blog. 15/7/2012. “Memories of Stayover ☆ Hiroshima Branch Day 2!!!”

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Memories of Stayover ☆ Hiroshima Branch Day 2!!!
15 July 2012. 20:00
So hot!!!
From yesterday to today, we’ve had 3 days of rest in observance of midsummer’s. Did everyone spend those days well?
Speaking of hot, the 2 days at HOTEL Love songs Hiroshima branch last week were the best fun, when everyone in the venue [...]

HOTEL Love songs blog. 9/7/2012. “☆Yusuke☆”

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9 July 2012. 17:00
This is keyboardist, Miyazaki Yuusuke.
I’m a Hiroshima native.
The Hiroshima people are known for heating up (and cooling down lol) really easily, so did everyone enjoy the 2 days at the Hiroshima branch?
It was really hot, wasn’t it?
Today, I will do a special introduction of one of our hotel’s night scenery [...]

HOTEL Love songs blog. 8/7/2012. “Backstage ☆”

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Backstage ☆
8 July 2012. 12:40
A coincidental encounter with the 2 female chorus members in front of their backstage room!!

Yes ☆
As everyone already knows, they are Princess-san and Kawamura-san, who always reliably deliver powerful chorus backup vocals!
Please work hard today too ψ(`∇´)ψ
So, everyone was sweating right from the beginning of yesterday’s Hiroshima branch Tanabata [...]

HOTEL Love songs blog. 8/7/2012. “HOTEL Love songs Hiroshima Branch ☆ Opening Day!!!”

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HOTEL Love songs Hiroshima Branch ☆ Opening Day!!!
8 July 2012. 11:57

When she arrived at Hiroshima Airport yesterday, general manager was greeted by everyone’s passionate welcome. That energy gave her voice strength during the live, and the sounds of everyone’s cheers for all the performers resonated non-stop throughout the venue. It was the best [...]

HOTEL Love songs blog. 8/7/2012. “Memories of Stayover ☆ Nagoya Branch Finale!!!”

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Memories of Stayover ☆ Nagoya Branch Finale!!!
8 July 2012. 11:00
Everyone, thank you for your patience.
For the finale at HOTEL Love songs Nagoya branch, everyone in the venue became one and partied so hard, enveloped in lots of hot sweat and emotional tears ☆
We present to you some memorable photos of everyone who stayed [...]

HOTEL Love songs blog. 8/7/2012. “Day 1 POV (^_-)-☆ Emi ☆”

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Day 1 POV (^_-)-☆ Emi ☆
8 July 2012. 01:48
Good evening!
This is Emi, who is a redhead for this tour!
Today is the 7th of July, or Tanabata!
Has everyone made their wishes? (^ ^)
I’ve already made mine~
I hope it’ll come true~ (^O^☆♪
There were lots of these wonderful tanzakus backstage!!!
Everyone wrote their wishes down~♪

By the way, [...]

HOTEL Love songs blog. 7/7/2012. “Disembarkation at Hiroshima!!!”

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Disembarkation at Hiroshima!!!
7 July 2012. 16:48
This is Micchii, who listened to general manager’s summer songs on today’s flight, and so arrived in Hiroshima in high spirits (*^▽^*)
Already in high spirits, we managed to meet up with lots of smiles at the airport too, and our excitement increased by lots more~♪
General manager seemed so [...]

HOTEL Love songs blog. 1/7/2012. “July 1st☆HOTEL Love songs Nagoya Branch!!!”

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July 1st☆HOTEL Love songs Nagoya Branch!!!
1 July 2012. 12:53
It’s July. We’re entering the second half of 2012.
Did everyone spend their time well?
Yesterday, we had Day 3 of HOTEL Love songs at the Nagoya branch, and as expected of Nagoya!!!
By the second song, the venue was billowing with steam and high tension, and we [...]