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Ayu #1 on CDTV’s Top 10 Total Weeks for Singles AT #1

01. あゆ 50週 Ayumi Hamasaki - 50 weeks
02. B’z 48週 - 48 weeks
03. Mr.Children 45週 - 45 weeks
04. Kinki Kids 42週 - 42 weeks
05. SMAP 33週 - 33 weeks
06. 嵐 32週 ARASHI - 32 weeks
07..GLAY 30週 - 30 weeks
08. 宇多田ヒカル 25週 Utada Hikaru - 25 weeks
09. ラルク・アン・シエル 22週 L’arc en Ciel - 22 weeks
09. V6 [...]

“Party Queen” #1 on NINKI chart for 3/21 releases

2012年03月16日 付
期待度ポイント 171.30
アーティスト 浜崎あゆみ
タイトル Party Queen
発売日 2012年03月21日発売
期待度ポイント アーティスト タイトル 発売日
87.40 Acid Black Cherry 『2012』 03/21
55.60 AAA Another side of #AAABEST 03/21
55.20 清水翔太 Naturally 03/21
29.40 东京スカパラダイスオーケストラ Walkin’ 03/21
28.40 May’n HEAT 03/21
24.20 BENI COVERS 03/21
22.60 TEAM H LoungeH ザ・ファースト・インプレッション 03/21
22.30 JAMOSA TRY 03/21
18.80 小泉今日子 Kyon30 ~なんてったって30年!~(初回生产限定盘) 03/21
Previous NINKI ratings:
01 172.30 FIVE
01 200.90 Love songs
01 229.70 Rock’n’Roll Circus
01 355.70 NEXT LEVEL
XX XXX.XX GUILTY [It was released [...]

Ayu Ranks No. 1 as The Best Selling Japanese Solo Female Artist of All Time

According to recent Music Station episode, Music Station has crowned Ayu as the best selling female artist in Japanese music industry.
She ranks no. 1 with approximately 49,780,000 units sales in her entire career.
Congrats Ayu!

Credits: sherijanict @ Arama + maikaru @ AHS
Original source: Music Station

Ayu Ranks no. 3 2011’s Annual Karaoke Songs Requests Rankings

Congrats for Ayu to rank no. 3 on 2011’s Annual Karaoke Songs Request
Ayu also ranked no. 3 on last year’s ranking.
1 AKB48
3 浜崎あゆみ
4 倖田來未
5 嵐
6 Mr.Children
7 西野カナ
8 いきものがかり
9 コブクロ
10 北島三郎
11 美空ひばり
12 五木ひろし
13 L’Arc~en~Ciel
14 石原裕次郎
15 サザンオールスターズ
17 GReeeeN
18 福山雅治
19 湘南乃風
20 B’z
Quelle: ddkaraoke Official Site

FIVE Mini Album Ranks No. 1 Monthly at Oricon Chart!

Congratulations Ayu!!

FIVE Mini album got no. 1 Monthly ranking at Oricon Chart!

Quelle: Oricon Chart

FIVE Mini Album Ranks No.1 at Oricon!

Congratulation ayu!

FIVE rank no. 1 at Oricon Chart
Sales: 56258

Quelle: Oricon Style

What’s Your Favorite Song By Hamasaki Ayumi?

Recochoku recently revealed the results of its latest group of rankings, asking users to choose their favorite songs by beloved pop singer Hamasaki Ayumi.
The ranking was split into three different categories, each describing a different aspect of the famous singer. The first is a lyric ranking, where users picked a [...]

CDTV Annual Favorite Female Artist Ranking 2011

On the August 13th episode of CDTV, their annual Favorite Female Artist Ranking (Top 30) was shown. Along with this, was the Favorite Female Artist Summer Songs Ranking (Top 10).
1. YUI
2. Oshima Yuko (AKB48)
3. Maeda Atsuko (AKB48)
4. Hamasaki Ayumi
5. Nishino Kana
6. Namie Amuro
7. Kashiwagi Yuki (AKB48)
8. Koda Kumi
9. Uno Misako (AAA)
10. miwa
Full ranking [...]

Ayu’s Total Sales Top 3 as Best-Selling Artist in Oricon

Today, Official Oricon News released an article talking about the Best-selling artists in the Oricon History. B’z who just released the new album “C’mon” has reached to the 1st place of the ranking.
Ayu is mentioned on the article as the third Best-selling artist with 49.577 million units sold overall.
1.B’z: 80,046 million copies
2.Mr.Children: 54,979 [...]

Oricon: Karaoke Request Artist Ranking!

Oricon is not just revealing the ranking of the most popular karaoke songs for the first half of 2011, but also the ranking for the most popular artist whose songs are oftenly requested for karaoke.
Here’s the ranking:
Ayu is TOP 5! Congrats!
Karaoke Request Artist Ranking
1. AKB48
3. Arashi
4. Koda Kumi
5. Hamasaki Ayumi
6. Ikimonogakari
7. Nishino [...]