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ayu at Kouhaku article by Sponichi

Original article [here].
Hamasaki Ayumi opens Kouhaku as Top Batter for 5th consecutive year
31 December 2012. 19:16
For her 14th performance at Kouhaku, Hamasaki Ayumi (34) took on the role of Top Batter for the 5th consecutive year, opening the festivities on New Year’s Eve.
In January this year, she announced her divorce from Austrian [...]

Chapter 4: 14th Original Album “LOVE again” out on 8 Feb!

Everything for this…
Chapter 4 of the 5-month consecutive release project running up to her 15th Anniversary debut is a much-anticipated original album! With songs from “LOVE” (8 Nov) and “again” (8 Dec) acting as prologues, 5 new songs are added to create a compilation of 15 tracks!
The new songs include works by [...]