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ayu Tweets 11/1/13~19/1/13

kayzu_teamayu: 8/2 in stores 14th NEW ALBUM “LOVE again”, 15 tracks and 14 clips in all!!! CD/DVD content information updated (^_-)-☆
ayu_19980408: RT

Christophechoo: With Ayumi and Mie at Villa Blanca for lunch. @ Villa Blanca
ayu_19980408: Love Villa Blanca♡

Natsukikey: walking…

TeamAyu Official Shop & mu-mo Shop Original Gifts for “LOVE again”!!

★ TeamAyu original gift: Notebook with Original Cover

★ TeamAyu + mu-mo shop original gift: Original Binder Clip

★ PLAYBUTTON Limited Edition (TeamAyu + mu-mo shop original gift): Message Board for Automobile

Purchase Links:
TeamAyu Official Shop:
TeamAyu Official Shop (overseas):
mu-mo Shop:
mu-mo Shop (overseas):
※ Preorders made before 21 January 2013 (Mon) 12:00 will receive their order on the release date itself. Any later [...]

ayu Tweets 5/1/13~9/1/13

sou_02: First visit~!!
ayu_19980408: My three favourite people together~♡ Love this pic ♡
naomessage: Where do they sell delicious curry?…
ayu_19980408: Come over to my place. (laugh)
ayu_19980408: Wake me up ‘CDL2012-1013′ —> YouTube -
ayu_19980408: snowy kiss ‘CDL 2012-2013′ —> YouTube -
ayu_19980408: Together When ‘CDL 2012-2013′ —> YouTube -
John_lennonbot: Success? It’s alright. Failure? It’s also alright. Because this is [...]

Chapter 4: 14th Original Album “LOVE again” out on 8 Feb!

Everything for this…
Chapter 4 of the 5-month consecutive release project running up to her 15th Anniversary debut is a much-anticipated original album! With songs from “LOVE” (8 Nov) and “again” (8 Dec) acting as prologues, 5 new songs are added to create a compilation of 15 tracks!
The new songs include works by Mr Hoshino Yasuhiko, [...]

Bilder Ayublog Special

Es sind nun die Bilder vom dem Countdown Live 2012 - 2013 A ~WAKE UP~ Online.
Hier dier Link:
Ayumi Hamasaki Countdown Live 2012 - 2013 A ~WAKE UP~
The picture from the concert Ayumi Hamasaki Countdown Live 2012 - 2013 A ~WAKE UP~ is now online.
Ayumi Hamasaki Countdown Live 2012 - 2013 A ~WAKE UP~

New Album Love again

Love again [w/ GOODS+Blu-ray, Limited Edition]
Ayumi Hamasaki

Love again [w/ GOODS+DVD, Limited Edition]
Ayumi Hamasaki

Love again [CD+Blu-ray]
Ayumi Hamasaki

Love again [CD+DVD]
Ayumi Hamasaki

Love again
Ayumi Hamasaki

ayu Tweets 3/1/13~5/1/13

keitamaruyama: Since I’m so free now, maybe I should make some curry. A cliche 3rd day of the new year.
ayu_19980408: I’m doing the same thing too. (laugh)

AIKO_esNAIL: I’m cooking oden ♪♪
ayu_19980408: I’m an expert at cooking oden. I’ll pass you my recipe next time.

ayu_19980408: It’s cold tonight, so I lit up the fireplace. Warm ♡
TA0413: [...]

ayu Tweets 25/12/12~2/1/13

ayu_19980408: Merry Christmas ♡ from the troupe.
ayu_19980408: TA is updated ☆

ayu_19980408: Due to the support, protection and help of my beloved troupe and lots of staff, Countdown LIVE Day 1 ended successfully on such a wonderful note that I have no words to describe it. And then, most importantly, the 13,000 audience [...]

ayu LOVE again by Sankei News

Original article [here].
Hamasaki Ayumi reveals bold jacket cover shots for new album
27 December 2012. 09:24
On the 26th, singer Hamasaki Ayumi (34) revealed the jacket cover photos for her new album “LOVE again”, to be released on 8 Feb next year, 11 months after her last original album. Sitting cross-legged on a bed [...]

ayu at Kouhaku article by Daily Sports Online

Original article [here].
Kouhaku: Hamasaki Ayumi changes costumes twice on stage!
31 December 2012.
Hamasaki Ayumi, as Top Batter for the Red Team for the 5th consecutive year, performed 3 of her own hit songs in a medley. With 2 quick changes, she revealed a total of 3 different costumes. She started off with ballad [...]