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Concert venue-limited campaign! Big lottery to win autographed poster!

Customers who preorder 14th NEW ALBUM “LOVE again” at the CD booth at concert venue for “ayumi hamasaki COUNTDOWN LIVE 2012-2013 A ~WAKE UP~” (29~31 Dec at National Yoyogi First Gymnasium) will receive a venue-limited original gift of a B2-size poster!
Furthermore, there is also a lottery to win an autographed version of [...]

ayupan standby screen Flash animation and live wallpaper available on mu-mo for a limited period!

ayupan, clad in pink and orange Sunday best, have randomly appeared!!
Furthermore, the display will change from 1~10 Jan!?
Just like during your first shrine visit in the New Year, you can draw your own fortune with this!
Contents will only be available until 31 Jan 2013, so don’t miss it ★
Standby screen Flash animation (feature phone)

*ayupan featured [...]

TeamAyu CDL venue-limited new membership sign-up, refer-a-friend & membership extension campaigns!

New membership sign-up campaign
Limited to the CDL venue! Comes with grand presents ♪
[Sign up for A Course]
★Original Eco Kairo with TeamAyu Logo
★Magazine Back number (TeamAyu Magazine VOL.43)
★HAPPY BAG Ver.A (A lucky bag containing past merchandise ♪)
★TeamAyu lottery sticker (1 of a random design)
[Sign up for B Course]
★Magazine Back number (TeamAyu Magazine VOL.43)
★HAPPY BAG Ver.B (A [...]

TeamAyu limited “ayumi hamasaki CDL 2012-2013 A ~WAKE UP~” venue campaign!

We are hosting the “TeamAyu lottery”, soon to become tradition, again this year!!
The prizes will be a double sticker, one featuring the jacket covers from all the albums & mini-albums released in 2012, and another featuring this year’s ayupans!!
There are 9 designs available, with each participant randomly winning any 1!
“TeamAyu lottery sticker 2012-2013 [...]

Commemorative goods for classical album “A CLASSICAL” on sale at “ArtDeli”!

The commemorative item for Chapter 3 of the 5-month consecutive release project, classical album “A CLASSICAL”, is manufactured by the popular “ArtDeli”, a company specializing in decorative art panels.
The precious original artwork by illustrator Mr Uki, which is featured as the jacket cover of “A CLASSICAL”, is made into prints and on [...]

Hamasaki Ayumi original rain boots on sale at mu-mo shop!!

The rain boots manufactured by rubber footwear company Woodvali, which has been operating in Tokyo’s Shitamachi for the last 53 years, were introduced in the latest Paris collection. This information and the workmanship of representative manager Mr Moriya Hideshi has captured our hearts, and so the Hamasaki Ayumi original rain boots [...]

“ayumi hamasaki COUNTDOWN LIVE 2012-2013 A ~WAKE UP~” Goods revealed!

Goods for “ayumi hamasaki COUNTDOWN LIVE 2012-2013 A ~WAKE UP~”, happening on 29, 30, 31 Dec at the National Yoyogi First Gymnasium, will go on sale at mu-mo shop from 8 Jan 2013 (Tue) onwards.
A total change from last year’s COUNTDOWN LIVE and this year’s tour’s leopardprint!
This year, the highlight is a cross [...]

Chapter 2 “again” available as standby screen Flash animation, live wallpaper and docomo Palette UI!

Chapter 2 “again” of the 5-month consecutive release project will be downloadable as standby screen Flash animation, live wallpaper and docomo Palette UI on “Kisekae♪mu-mo” from 21 Dec (Fri) onwards!
Unique contents featuring the jacket cover of “again”, with all-natural ayu!
“Kisekae♪mu-mo” for Feature phone/Smartphone

Standby screen Flash animation for Feature phone

Live wallpaper for Smartphone

*picture changes [...]

ayu Tweets 11/12/12~17/12/12

22yan22: Happy birthday! With as much power as the 3-tiered jump from PoM, her sparkle has increased and I really respect her m(_ _)m☆ Looking forward to more in the future ♪
ayu_19980408: Yan-2
CecilAyu: ayu-chan, I hope you can somehow stream CDL at cinemas. There are many people who cannot travel to the scared [...]

ayu Tweets 25/11/12~7/12/12

22yan22: Happy birthday, Kami Yuusaku (^o^)
ayu_19980408: RT
ayu_19980408: To my best beloved ZIN-san, HAPPY♡HAPPY♡BIRTHDAY♪ These rules set by someone else, we don’t need such things, because we are the rules and we won’t back down ^_−☆
nhk_kouhaku: [63rd Kouhaku・Performers! Red Team Part 2] Nakashima Mika, Nishino Kana, Perfume, Hamasaki Ayumi, Fuji Ayako, Princess [...]