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Bea’s Up 2012 September: Ayu Feature Article

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Hamasaki Ayumi Last Summer Cruise
An announcement for the end of a short, liberal summer. Baring the body she has worked hard for everyday, putting on make-up to colour match with the strong sunlight… Such a summer makes one wish to taste a little more of its lingering memory. This issue’s [...]

ViVi 2012 October: Deji Deji Diary

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Ayu’s Deji Deji Diary Vol. 145 October

This month’s Deji Deji Diary is a special version!!!!
It’s about the making of “Ayu HEART NAIL BOOK”,
finally released this month!!
Full of precious off-shots from the photoshoot.
Do check it out!!!
Ayu in different poses for the various scenes. Each set, make-up, and hairstyle is totally unique to match [...]

ayu Tweets 12/11/12~24/11/12

ayu_19980408: Next destination is…….;))

ayu_19980408: Dejavu…..?
ayu_19980408: viens me voir!!!!!!!!!!!! Prenons une photo♡
Christophechoo: vous et à Paris? J’arrive la semaine prochaine.
ayu_19980408: Oui, je suis à Paris.Je vais faire un séjour d’une semaine.

ayu_19980408: L’hôtel où je fais un séjour…….Il y a la Tour Eiffel dans le devant d’une salle de séjour;))
mikajohn: No time to sleep.
ayu_19980408: Sorry (T ^ [...]

ayu Tweets 3/11/12~11/11/12

ayu_19980408: Japan is so cold!! Too cold \(//∇//)\ ♡
ayu_19980408: Totally jetlagged ♡
mikajohn: I received a message from ayu via iPhone-san, and because I didn’t reply for 2 days, her manager called just now to make sure I’m ok (lol)
ayu_19980408: Hehe ♡ Anyway, mummy’s use of kanji is a little strange? (laugh)
katosenseidesu: Stand out [...]

ayu Tweets 23/10/12~1/11/12

kayzu_teamayu: 5 month release project commemorating 15th Anniversary! Chapter 1′s mini-album “LOVE” will be released on 8 Nov (Thu), and Chapter 2′s mini-album “again” has just been announced as well!!!
ayu_19980408: RT
ayunews: 【BOOK】 “Ayu HEART NAIL BOOK” which has sold out, is now starting to restock on mu-mo again ☆ This is [...]

Campaign: Register Hamasaki Ayumi as “My Artiste” on recochoku!

A recochoku power-up commemoration, once-in-a-lifetime grand campaign!
Just pick at least 2 celebrities as “My Artiste”, and 300 participants stand to win 250yen worth of song downloads free!
Furthermore, those who pick their celebrities from the “Pickup Artiste” page gets a chance in another special lottery!
Register Hamasaki Ayumi on “Pickup Artiste” now to participate!
【Special Lottery Gift】 “LOVE” [...]

Chapter 1 “LOVE” of the 5 month consecutive release project is available as standby screen Flash animation, live wallpaper and docomo Palette UI!

Chapter 1 “LOVE” of the 5 month consecutive release project will be downloadable as standby screen Flash animation, live wallpaper and docomo Palette UI on “Kisekae♪mu-mo” from 8 Nov (Fri) onwards!
Unique contents featuring the jacket cover of “LOVE”, ayu’s first “no make-up” style!
“Kisekae♪mu-mo” for Feature phone/Smartphone

Standby screen Flash animation for Feature phone

Live wallpaper [...]

New mini-album “again” out on 8 December!!

Chapter 2 of the 5 month consecutive release project is out!
In the midst of Chapter 1′s mini-album “LOVE” receiving high praises, mini-album “again” will be released on 8 Dec (Sat)!
The mini-album will contain a total of 12 tracks, with 4 new pieces including songs composed by Komuro Tetsuya and Nagao Dai, as well as [...]

ayu and Maro Dating Article from modelpress

Original article from here.
Who is Hamasaki Ayumi’s new lover “Maro-chan”? An introduction
15 November 2012. 11:28
On the 14th, artiste Hamasaki Ayumi (34) and dancer Uchiyama Maroka (28) declared their devotion to each other. Both parties have confirmed this relationship.
The relationship was first revealed in “Josei Seven”, released on the 15th. Hamasaki has also [...]

ayu and Maro Dating Article from zakzak Online

Original article from here.
Hamasaki Ayumi’s new lover and confirmed boyfriend, eyewitness accounts of dates in Hawaii
15 November 2012.
Hamasaki Ayumi (34) had been seen having a passionate date with back-up dancer A-san (28).
The scene was a large supermarket near Waikiki in Hawaii, quiet after midnight with few locals or tourists left shopping.
In their midst was a Japanese [...]