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ayu’s 15th Anniversary Release Project from modelpress

Original article from here.
Hamasaki Ayumi, a personal challenge, every 8th of the month is “ayu day”
In anticipation of her 15th Anniversary since her debut on 8 April next year, artiste Hamasaki Ayumi has announced on the 25th a campaign of consecutive releases for 5 months from November to March next year, on [...]

ayu’s 15th Anniversary Release Project from Nikkan Sports News

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“The 8th is ayu day” Releasing new songs for 5 consecutive months
Singer Hamasaki Ayumi (33), who will be welcoming her 15th Anniversary since her debut next year, is trying out a unique challenge. Following her debut date, the “8th of each month” has now been marked as “ayu day”. On [...]

ayu at Kishidan Banpaku 2012 from Daily Sports News

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Hamasaki Ayumi belts out songs in gakuran and netted tights
On the 17th, singer Hamasaki Ayumi (33) performed at rock band Kishidan’s festival “Kishidan Banpaku 2012″, a 2-day event held in Sodegaura city, Chiba. For the first time, she performed in a gakuran costume.
Readily consenting to Kishidan main vocal Ayanokouji Sho’s [...]

ayu Tweets 23/9/12~3/10/12

ayu_19980408: Good morning! NEW DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!
Natsukikey: Good morning

ayu Tweets 14/9/12~22/9/12

ayu_19980408: Today, I disembarked on Sodegajima for the first time, and came to Kishidan Banpaku’s location. Then, seeing you gave me so much strength. I will return it a million-fold to you on the day itself (*^^*) Let’s do it ☆
ayu_1002_zin: Sodegajima… I’m sure you meant Sodegaura. (laugh)
ayu_19980408: Oo—–ps ヽ(;▽;)ノ That’s right, [...]

ayu Tweets 3/9/12~13/9/12

ayu_19980408: With happy memories from mummy, let’s go for today too ♡
UN1982: Changed my avatar.
ayu_19980408: Yep, I’ve been waiting. (laugh)

papipi5: ayu-chan! AYU HEART NAIL BOOK is in 7th place ❤ Congrats \(//∇//)\
ayu_19980408: Σ(゚д゚lll) What do you mean you can’t place an order? (laugh) Hey, Katsuki!
Katsukitkat: Apologies to all fans! Due to the great sales, the [...]

ayu Tweets 29/8/12~2/9/12

ayu_19980408: By the way, I’m sure you’ll see if you look closely, but the girl who broke the watermelon with her head wasn’t me. (laugh)
TA0413: Mika-mama! Will you tell ayu-chan to take some purikura?? (laugh)
mikajohn: I think she’ll try to run away, but I’ll force her to go with me next time.
ayu_19980408: You wanna [...]

ayu Tweets 26/8/12~27/8/12

Kll_: Photos from a celebrity article ☆ A page of beautiful sparkling summer’s end (^_−)−☆
ayu_19980408: So summery ♡
ayutomo11002: ayu’s finale show got 54,000 audience pumping with excitement (Daily Sports) – Y!News #ayuday
ayu_19980408: Thank you!!
Natsukikey: Clear weather today

Song 4 u and Missing video clips on YouTube!

Messages from ayumi hamasaki Official Facebook Page.
Song 4 u
The video clip for “Song 4 u” is up! The beautiful story unfolds in a mysterious world of 12 characters played by 1 person. The filming was tough too… Look forward to the making clip!

The video clip for “Missing” is up! Lyrics that pierce the [...]

ayumi hamasaki COUNTDOWN LIVE 2012-2013 A Ticketing Details

ayumi hamasaki COUNTDOWN LIVE 2012-2013 A Ticketing Details
National Yoyogi First Gymnasium
29 December 2012 (Sat) – Doors open 17:00 / Show start 18:00
30 December 2012 (Sun) – Doors open 17:00 / Show start 18:00
31 December 2012 (Mon) – Doors open 21:30 / Show start 22:30
Ticket Price:
8,500yen for all seats
Ticket Limit:
2 tickets per show per customer
- In [...]