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ayu Tweets 24/6/12~27/6/12

ayu_19980408: Yoshaa!! I’ve made a godly song!! I’ll send it off to cockscomb director, then go to bed. I’ll sleep. I need to sleep.
rice20000: You’re awesome, I just received it!!! Sorry for the late reply (◎-◎;)
ayu_19980408: Time lag.
timwellard: I used 2 nights of energy for that 1 night in Niigata, so my body hurts! I [...]

HOTEL Love songs blog. 24/6/2012. “katsuyuki☆”

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24 June 2012. 19:15
Everyone, good evening!!
I am performer katsuyuki, and I’ll be updating the blog this time (^^)
This is my first time writing an entry, so I’m a little anxious (>_<)
A quick topic change! Niigata’s rice is delicious~ Σ(゜д゜lll)
It was really so delicious and full of impact, so I made it the first [...]

ayumi hamasaki ARENA TOUR 2012 A ~HOTEL Love songs~ Goods Information

UPDATE (28 June 2012): 3rd Chapter Additional Pics Updated!
UPDATE (24 June 2012): 3rd Chapter Updated!
UPDATE (29 May 2012): 2nd Chapter Larger Pics Updated!
UPDATE (24 May 2012): 2nd Chapter Updated!
UPDATE (6 April 2012): Full Goods Updated!
ORIGINAL MESSAGE (30 March 2012)
Chapter 3
The 3rd chapter of goods includes a double-set of books, including the postponed special photobook and [...]

New Compilation Album “A SUMMER BEST” out August 8th!

「BLUE BIRD」「Greatful days」「July 1st」といった代表曲に「Boys & Girls」や「evolution」などのアゲ曲を加えた【DISC-N】と、「HANABI」「monochrome」など、夏の切なさを歌った名曲を集めた【DI SC-A】の豪華2枚組仕様。さらに現在開催中の「ayumi hamasaki ARENA TOUR 2012 ~HOTEL Love songs~」のテーマソングとなっており、ファンからCD化の要望が多く届いていたTRFのカヴァー「H appening Here」と、この夏うたベストのために書き下ろした新曲「You & Me」を加えた全26曲(予定)を収録!
DVDには、2002年から2011年の10年間にa-nationで披露されたLIVE映像や数々のvideo clip、海外撮影を敢行した新曲「You & Me」のvideo clipなど、今作が初パッケージ化となる超レア映像を含む全25曲(予定)を全曲リマスタリングして収録 。

2012.8.8 in stores


・AVCD-38558~9/B ¥4,410(tax incl.)

・July 1st
・Greatful days
・Sunrise ~LOVE is ALL~
・Boys & Girls
・Happening Here


・Sunset ~LOVE is ALL~
・HANABI ~episode II~
・theme of a-nation’03
・ANother song feat. URATA NAOYA
・Far away
・You [...]

ayumi hamasaki ARENA TOUR 2012 A ~HOTEL Love songs~

UPDATE (27/6/2012): 6 additional shows in autumn added!!
UPDATE (11/4/2012): Update on 14~15/4 Osaka shows!
Seats originally reserved for machinery/equipment will now be open to the public! Seats for both shows in Osaka (14~15 April) will be available.
Sale Time: 11 April 18:00 ~ Tickets sell out
Sale URL:
UPDATE (26/3/2012): Additional tour date added!
UPDATE (23/3/2012): Tour logo updated!

“HEART ♥ NAIL BOOK” Coming Soon

No word yet if this is a renamed version of the postponed LIFESTYLE BOOK, or when it will be released.

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ayu Tweets 20/6/12~24/6/12

ayu_19980408: One of my hideaway ………….

ayu_19980408: Something on my mind ………….

ayu_19980408: R u smiling??? ❤५ً☬ཻैั້͈◡ً☬ཻैั້͈
ayu_19980408: You know, I’m sleepy, but sleeping seems like a waste of time~ There are some nights when we feel like this, right?.. ૅ˘็ੋ͈◡ुً☬ཻैั້͈
ayu_19980408: (* ˘ ³˘)♡*˚Ⴛ̅̀∣ժ̅ ꒭~੭ੇ♡
ayu_19980408: Today is midsummer, the one day in the year with the longest amount [...]

HOTEL Love songs blog. 23/6/2012. “Niigata Branch ☆ Open!!!”

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Niigata Branch ☆ Open!!!
23 June 2012. 17:56
HOTEL Love songs Niigata Branch ☆
Is finally open today, with great weather \(^o^)/

After 2 years, for this one-night-only show at Niigata branch,
the customers who have been waiting for this day
are steaming up the venue so quickly!!!

The quality of handmade uchiwas is amazing ♪
And so, shall we get [...]

ayu Tweets 16/6/12~19/6/12

yu_19980408: TA has been updated ☆
ayu_19980408: HOTEL Love songs Sendai branch will finally open for 2 days, today and tomorrow. Reaching out to you, to her, to him, and to that person.
mikajohn: Our tear ducts worked non-stop this live… Everyone’s hearts became one.
ayu_19980408: Mummy, thank you m(_ _)m
GUTS_RUSH: Day 1 at Sendai has finished successfully [...]

HOTEL Love songs blog. 18/6/2012. “Memories of Stayover ☆ Day 2 at Sendai Branch!!!”

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Memories of Stayover ☆ Day 2 at Sendai Branch!!!
18 June 2012. 23:00
Day 2 at HOTEL Love songs Sendai branch ☆

Under the blue sky filled with the fragrance of summer,
the guests staying over were full of sparkling smiles!!!
We took some photos of memories of stayover
wishing to always hold everyone’s wonderful smiles precious in our [...]