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ayu Tweets 27/5/12

ayu_19980408: Day 2 at Nagoya will open in 30 minutes~!! Roar~ He’s all set and ready to go~!!
teamayu10021231: I just checked out. What is this feeling? I want to thank ayu-chan, everyone in the troupe, and everyone who loves ayu-chan who stayed over with me ♡ My heart is full of the miraculous time we [...]

Bea’s Up 2012 May: Ayu Feature Article

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Secret of Beauty
~ayu speaks to us about the secret to having radiant skin~
Beauty, cuteness, strength… Hamasaki Ayumi-san, the one and only songstress whom girls all over the world look up to, is this month’s cover girl. With translucent skin like a pearl, a perfect face and body-line, this is the basis of ayu’s [...]

ViVi 2012 July: Deji Deji Diary

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Ayu’s Deji Deji Diary Vol. 142 July

This issue, we present to you off-shot photos from RIMMEL’s new product Soft Creamy Essence Rouge, shot on 1 May, and Sweet Day’s One Day Color Contacts, shot on 21 May.

Translation: Misa-chan

ayu Tweets 25/5/12~26/5/12

katosenseidesu: Good morning! A stroll at 5:30. I’m back to normal!
AIKO_esNAIL: Wow ♪ That’s great ♪───O(≧∇≦)O────♪
ayu_19980408: HAPPY NEWS in the morning ♪───O(≧∇≦)O────♪
saoriiwahashi: ayu-chan… I’ll go to find you today ヽ(´o`; (laugh)~
ayu_19980408: Please do!! (laugh) Saori-mama, already miss u♡

MotokiMinei: I’ve moved into hospital, and full-blown treatment will begin from today. We’re blessed with good weather today, [...]

Vivi Deji Deji Diary Vol. 142 (July 2012)

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HOTEL Love songs blog. 27/5/2012. “2 Days at Nagoya ☆”

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2 Days at Nagoya ☆
27 May 2012. 23:59
When I went on a stroll after rehearsals…

So flexible!!!
To have such a flexible body… ☆ It’s just so awesome!
This is Midoring-san ☆, a Nagoya native!
And so, Day 2 at Nagoya was wow!!! Everyone really got so high.
Wow, it was so awesome, that heat!!!
There was even steam [...]

HOTEL Love songs blog. 27/5/2012. “Hunk Showdown.”

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Hunk Showdown.
27 May 2012. 23:49
We have an emergency. These 2 peoples’ hairstyles have come to a clash..
They’ve dyed it the same color, so it’s a hunk showdown…
Who will you give your vote to?!!!
First, in the red corner!

In the white corner!
Hair make’s GORI!!!

I can’t decide!!!!! (Right?)
※One of them is wearing a wig. (laugh)
A-STAFF Micchii
Translation: [...]

HOTEL Love songs blog. 27/5/2012. “NaaaaaGooOOooOoYeahhhh!!!!!!!!!☆KAZUMA☆”

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27 May 2012. 15:15
It’s finally here, the opening of Day 2 at the Nagoya branch!!
In this super hot summerish weather, this super awesome HOTEL is OPENing!!
It’s the hometown of this person ↓

*Caption: Mido
The ladies are getting ready ☆

These guys too (^-^)

It’s really busy now, as everyone is getting ready to welcome the guests!!!
This [...]

HOTEL Love songs blog. 27/5/2012. “Super Hot☆Nagoya Branch!!!”

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Super Hot☆Nagoya Branch!!!
27 May 2012. 14:59
Day 1 at HOTEL Love songs Nagoya branch ☆

The excitement of everyone who stayed over was truly high,
and the live was so hot, hot, hot!!! (^O^)/
And so, let’s quickly see some commemorative photos
of the smiles of guests who stayed over
during Day 1 at Nagoya branch!

Everyone’s handmade uchiwas and [...]

HOTEL Love songs blog. 27/5/2012. “KUNI☆”

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27 May 2012. 09:15
Good morning, everyone!
This is KUNI, and I’m in charge of updating the blog this time.
It’s finally my turn!!
I’m a shy person, and I’m really nervous about writing an entry…
So please support me.
So, HOTEL Love songs Nagoya branch opened yesterday!
Clap clap ☆
We’re all really grateful to have so many guests staying [...]