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ayu Tweets 26/4/12

ayunews: <Hamasaki Ayumi> 3 years after her last movie theme song, 11-year-old song to become theme song for movie [Helter Skelter], starring Sawajiri Erika – Y!News
TA0413: RT
ayu_19980408: Yes, it’s going to be a theme song ♪( ´θ`)ノ

tatsukolacey: A photo of recent works~ ♡
ayu_19980408: Hey lil bro!!! So awesome~ (^-^)/
yurilchan: Did ayu compose evolution? (・_・?)
ayu_19980408: Yep. [...]

ayu Tweets 22/4/12~25/4/12

ayum1ckey: So the staff were working hard to let as many people as possible stay over (*´∀`)ノ
ayu_19980408: Yes~, the same-day tickets are full of love as well ♡
kobibouya: So that’s how the same-day tickets come about ❣⃛ Feeling the love from ayu ᒼᑋªᐢ*̩̩̥✡·̩͙ and the staff-san now ೫⁺.(ʚ̶̶̷ ॢ·̮ ॢʚ̴̶̷⋈
ayu_19980408: Giggle (*^^*)
mirechi_18: CDTV is showing [...]

HOTEL Love songs blog. 26/4/2012. “Super hot Fukuoka Branch!!!!”

Super hot Fukuoka Branch!!!!
26 April 2012. 02:56
The 2 days at HOTEL Love songs Fukuoka Branch,
as expected, the hometown! The explosion of hometown power, Hakata fan power
shook the venue right after the show started,
it was just so hot!!!!
Of course, everyone was really high during the show,
but even at the end, everyone showed their support with the ayu [...]

RIMMEL Site Update for Spring 2012

Here’s the wallpapers and site images from RIMMEL for Spring 2012 featuring Ayu:

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Ayu #1 on CDTV’s Top 10 Total Weeks for Singles AT #1

01. あゆ 50週 Ayumi Hamasaki - 50 weeks
02. B’z 48週 - 48 weeks
03. Mr.Children 45週 - 45 weeks
04. Kinki Kids 42週 - 42 weeks
05. SMAP 33週 - 33 weeks
06. 嵐 32週 ARASHI - 32 weeks
07..GLAY 30週 - 30 weeks
08. 宇多田ヒカル 25週 Utada Hikaru - 25 weeks
09. ラルク・アン・シエル 22週 L’arc en Ciel - 22 weeks
09. V6 [...]

ayu Tweets 21/4/12

puumaco: I stayed over today! It was so exciting just watching the dancers, and when ayu-chan came on stage, I cried (lol) So glad I got to listen to so many of my favorite songs and see the cute and beautiful ayu (>_<) I’ll stay over again! Good job!
ayu_19980408: Please do ☆
caka312: I have no [...]

New RIMMEL Ad, Spring 2012

Seems like there’s been a lull in Ayu news as of late, lol~ sorry about that ^^; Anyway, here’s a new picture for RIMMEL featuring Ayu:

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HOTEL Love songs blog. 23/4/2012. “Answers ☆”

Answers ☆
23 April 2012. 12:40
Thanks for waiting! Here are the answers for the quiz given a while ago ☆
This will be easier to explain with a photo, so I’ll upload one quickly now ☆

How was it? Did everyone make the right guess? Do the iPhone cases match well with their owners? ☆
By the way, ZIN-san [...]

Fan Report: HOTEL Love songs @ Osaka Jou Hall

I went for Hamasaki Ayumi’s ARENA TOUR 2012 A at Osaka Jou Hall
16 April 2012.
I took part in Hamasaki Ayumi’s ARENA TOUR 2012 A ~HOTEL Love songs~ show at Osaka Jou Hall (Day 2). This time, the main stage is at the front, with a center stage connected via a runway. I was in the [...]

HOTEL Love songs blog. 23/4/2012. “Marine Messe Fukuoka Branch ☆ Thank you for the 2 days!”

Marine Messe Fukuoka Branch ☆ Thank you for the 2 days!
23 April 2012. 00:37
After 2 days, Hotel Love songs Fukuoka Branch has closed with great success!!
In these 2 days, thank you so so much
for all your warm voices and cheers!!!
As I’ve said, the bath towel was really essential, right? ( ̄▽ ̄)v
It was so hot we sweated, [...]