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COLORS of HOPE Pics Part 3

More pics of the COLORS of HOPE book! Some people bought multiple copies! Lucky!

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S Cawaii! 2012 April: Ayu Feature Article

Scans shared by Yoake @ AHS.


Hamasaki Ayumi wears Black and talks about Now.
AYU x S Cawaii! 29th Cover History
Just one more until the 30th cover!
It can be cool, it can be cute, black has many changeable expressions. However, in truth, it is a revealing color that exposes the inner heart of the person wearing it. [...]

A & STAFF DIARY - “March 11th”

As you all know, today was the one year anniversary of the Japan earthquake. Ayu updated TA (now called A & STAFF DIARY) with her thoughts:
March 11th
11 March 2012. 00:01
What is everyone thinking of now?
Is everyone wishing?
Is everyone praying?
On March 11th a year ago, the troupe was busy creating HOTEL LOVE SONGS.
Nobody could have imagined [...]

『THE COLORS OF HOPE』 Charity Photobook Exhibition Pictures!

So Ayu actually did attend 『THE COLORS OF HOPE』 Charity Photobook Exhibition, not sure it’s today or yesterday.
Anyway, She looks extremely gorgeous, and super cute the peach/pink style from the head to toe. Feels like seeing a real-life Barbie and Timmy as her Ken by her side LOLS.
Here are the pictures!

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TeamAyu LIMITED PREMIUM PREVIEW ~Party Queen~ Event!

The TA preview event for Party Queen has started, and fans have already started sharing photos and tweets! (Ugh, don’t you just want to break in those display cases and steal everything? XD)

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SCawaii April 2012 Full Scans!

The scans are out for SCawaii April and Ayu looks gorgeous as usual! Check them out below:

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ayu Tweets 8/3/12~9/3/12

ayu_19980408: Sabu.. with 3 pairs of socks, GO~!!!

19790522loveayu: ayu-chan is too awesome!! Standing calm in winds of 20m (^O^) You’re too cute! I want to watch this soon!!!! #ayuday
ayu_19980408: Was this on Mezamashi TV today~? Yoshida-man ♪
ayu_19980408: Because of the accident that happened at noon, we only managed to finish 30% of today’s planned schedule… [...]

ayu Tweets 4/3/12~7/3/12

ayu_19980408: Not coming… I’m surprised that it’s not coming….. I know something is truly lacking, but I totally don’t understand that something…….
ayu_19980408: Don’t tell me, it’s not lacking, but in excess?
ma_ro_ka: Are you talking about that?
ayu_19980408: No, I’m talking more in general. It’s hard to tell what I’m saying, isn’t it?
daichi1127: Kazuma-kun seems like a [...]

“Return Road” PV Preview Screencaps!

“Return Road” PV preview broadcasted on Music Station as the BGM music for
Can’t wait can’t wait!

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『THE COLORS OF HOPE』 Charity Photobook Exhibition Pictures

Some pictures taken from 『THE COLORS OF HOPE』 Charity Photobook Exhibition from today’s.
Totally in love with the 2nd cover!

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