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ayu English Article from JCast News Online

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Tweeting with Fans in English, Hamasaki Ayumi’s “English Capability” Level
25 January 2012. 19:24
Since her divorce, singer Hamasaki Ayumi has been updating Twitter in English about her mental state and well-being. Hamasaki has been tweeting in English frequently in recent times, and when she was interviewed by CNN a few years ago, she also [...]

ayu Fashion Article from modelpress Online

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New Nails / Hamasaki Ayumi
30 January 2012. 18:31:02

Artiste Hamasaki Ayumi has revealed new nail designs on her Twitter account.
Hamasaki revealed her “heart nails” on Twitter the previous day, inciting comments like “I want to copy that” from many fans.
Miss Sakoda Aiko from salon “esNail”, who did the manicure, also received many questions from [...]

ayu Tweets 26/1/12~27/1/12

ayu_19980408: After pressure training, I came to Popeye’s, and spotted Timmy-ko here. Having learnt yoga, we confidently tried to do some moves together, but it was painful and tough and we were both screaming away. (laugh) But my body feels so warm now. Happy♪
ayu_19980408: TA is updated ☆
UN1982: It’s a new day, and I’ll be [...]

ayu Divorce Article from Cyzo Online

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“No Splitting of Fortune” Covenant? The Failure of Hamasaki Ayumi’s “Divorce Promotion”
23 January 2012.
Singer Hamasaki Ayumi, who married Austrian-born actor Manuel Schwarz on New Year’s Day last year, has expectedly announced a “lightning divorce”. According to ayu, the reason for divorce was that their initial plans to migrate to the US were disrupted [...]

ayu Divorce Article from modelpress Online

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Hamasaki Ayumi’s First Tweet after Divorce “Never Regret Anything”
23 January 2012. 10:49:02
On the morning of 23/1/2012, singer Hamasaki Ayumi updated her Twitter for the first time since the divorce.
On 16/1/2012, Hamasaki Ayumi announced her decision to divorce from Austrian actor husband Manuel Schwarz. She also tweeted a single message, saying that “TA is updated”, [...]

Dancer GO-MI blogs about graduation from A Troupe

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New Year’s Greeting and Announcement
6 January 2012.
Happy New Year for 2012, 24th year of Heisei.
How did everyone spend their New Year’s? I returned to my old home after 18 long years, and spent a heartwarming New Year’s with my family.
First, an announcement I’ve already made via Twitter. Hamasaki Ayumi’s 2011 POWER OF MUSIC [...]

Kumi Marriage + ayu Divorce Article from The Real Live Web Online

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Will She be Next After ayu? The Reason Why Singers’ Marriages Don’t Last!?
24 January 2012. 15:30
A few days ago, singer Hamasaki Ayumi terminated her married life with Austrian actor Manuel Schwarz with a speedy divorce after just a year. On the other hand, another singer, Koda Kumi, announced her marriage to fellow musician [...]

ayu Back in Japan Article from Daily Sports Online

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ayu Returns Without Comment… Fully Guarded, Concealing her Left Hand
24 January 2012.
Hamasaki Ayumi (33), who announced her lightning divorce from Austrian actor Manuel Schwarz (31) late night on 16 Jan, returned to Japan via Seoul, after a work-related trip to UAE Dubai. This being her first public appearance since the divorce, Hamasaki nonetheless [...]

ayu Back in Japan Article from RBB Today Online

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Hamasaki Ayumi on Twitter, “Never regret anything coz at one time it was exactly what u wanted…”
24 January 2012. 13:11
Hamasaki Ayumi, who announced her divorce from Austrian actor Manuel Schwarz on 16 Jan, commented on Twitter that she had “no regrets”.
On the 23rd, Hamasaki updated her Twitter with the message “Never regret anything [...]

ayu Back in Japan Article from Yahoo!Japan News Online

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ayu Returns Under Strict Guard, No Comment on Divorce… “No Regrets” on Twitter
24 January 2012. 07:01
Hamasaki Ayumi (33), who announced her divorce from Austrian actor Manuel Schwarz (31) on 16 Jan, returned to Japan on the night of the 23rd. She touched down at Haneda Airport, after a trip to Dubai for work-related [...]