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Ayumi Hamasaki Calender 2012 Preview Photos

The preview photos of Ayu’s Calender 2012!

Credits: as tagged + Luna62 @ AHS

Leslie Kee’s & Ryan’s Birthday Present to Ayu.

Leslie Kee posted the picture below of Mannie holding on “SUPER AYU”, a photobook which is not for sale dedicated to Ayu for her birthday.
I’m sure we are all so curious of what kind of photobook is this right?

Quelle: Leslie Kee’s Twitter

ViVi Magazine January 2012 Issue Bigger Cover

ViVi Magazine January 2012 Issue Bigger Cover
Ayu looks so stunning!!! *O*
Click the picture for larger version

Credit: danielayu123 @ AHS

LIVE DVD 「a-nation for Life BEST HIT LIVE」 Release Information

Finally, the commemorative show for a-nation’s 10th Anniversary will be out on DVD.
Once again this year, we have an impressive lineup to get you into the feel of summer!!

2011.12.21 in stores
a-nation for Life BEST HIT LIVE
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Original Special Gift: a-nation for Life Original Desk Calendar
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【Limited First Press BOX [...]

ViVi Magazine January 2012 Issue Cover

She looks so stunning in here!
I love her matured and sexy look!

Credits: as tagged + Luna62 @ AHS

Team Ayu Magazine Vol. 41 Full Scans + Translation

TA Magazine Issue 41

More under the cut!

『ayu-mi-x 7』, released 3 years after previous work 『ayu-mi-x 6』. A limited quantity BOX SET with 5 works, each containing ayu’s songs remixed to different genres!
This jacket shooting took place in a famous studio in LA utilized by many famous people from around the world ♪ [...]

Sweet Days Contact Lenses Promotion Picture Making Off Video

Watch the Making Movie here

[Official Message] ayumi hamasaki COUNTDOWN LIVE 2011-2012

There will be 3 concerts instead of 2 this year!
Quelle: ayumifans + AHS

Ayu Posted Picture With Naoya Urata

Ayu posted a picture of her and Naoya Urata today.
Picture was taken from yesterday’s Nao’s surprise birthday party.
So we can see a little bit of Ayu’s new hair, it seems she has bangs and a bit of highlight.
Can’t wait to see it!

Quelle: Ayu’s Twitter

Ayu Going To Europe Next Monday!

Through her Twitter and Weibo accounts, Ayu confirmed that she’s going to London on this upcoming Monday and she probably will stay for a month there.
Congrats Europe fans!
Off 2 bed…have sweet dreams everyone [心] [心] [心]
I gotta go 2 china very soon [爱心传递] //@Maxxxxxxxxxxx_Chow: We gotta c u in China soon [哈哈] [哈哈] [...]