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13.02.2011 Overall Music DVD Sales By Artist: Ayu Ranks no. 3!

According to Oricon Style, the overal music DVD sales ranking by Artists are as follow The Top 3!
Ayu is no. 3! Congrats!!
So happy that Ayu could still make it top 3~

Quelle: Oricon Style

13.02.2011 Ayumi Hamasaki Ranks no. 3: Which Female Celebrity Has Ideal Eyes?

Narinari recently asked women in their teens and twenties to choose which celebrity they thought of when they heard the phrase “ideal eyes,” and the results are in!
The poll asked voters to choose a female celebrity and explain which characteristic was the most appealing about their eyes. A large majority of [...]

13.02.2011 Nobita Blogs About Ayu’s Love songs Album 27th December 2010 Entry

*Nobita is one of Ayu’s Music Arranger.
Hamasaki Ayumi album 『Love songs』 in LA
27 December 2010. 7:18pm
This is regarding AYU-san’s new album 『Love songs』, which was released on 22 December.
This was a work which was made in the 1 month we spent in LA.
Love song
AYU-san’s comment for this was “The base for the album this [...]

12.02.2011 “Oh well,”

Oh well,
12 February 2011. 6:08am

So much is happening ☆
But even so, we’ve kept on walking.
We can’t stop yet. That’s how it is.
There is something I want to protect.
There are feelings I hold on to.
There is someone I love.
That’s why I won’t lose.
Because you are here, I can be strong. You may know that, or you [...]

11.02.2011 Love songs’ Blog Update: “An Introduction to “TA” ♪”

An Introduction to “TA” ♪
11 February 2011. 4:40pm
Nice to meet everyone m(_ _)m
This is Houjou, the person in charge of “TeamAyu” (aka TA) fanclub!
Minazou-san gave me lo—ts of encouragement about this,
and though I’m a little nervous, I have this chance now to write on this blog!
Eh— Firstly, let me introduce myself.
My job is, simply put, [...]

08.02.2011 Love songs’ Blog Update: The story behind the birth of ayupans

The story behind the birth of ayupans
8 February 2011. 9:51pm
Good evening!
I’m Mayuzumi, or “Zu-Mi-Ma-Yu-” on Twitter.
Firstly, let me introduce myself a little to those who don’t know who I am.
I create goods.
for all those who have questions like
“What goods will come out this time?…”
Or “How did you make this goods?…”
I’ll use this entry to show [...]

07.02.2011 You know,

You know,
7 February 2011. 6:58pm

Someone gave this suggestion on Twitter just now. “About the tour, if a few people can be picked via lucky draw at each tour venue to take a tour of the back stage, won’t that be interesting?”
Backstage Pass ☆
What do you think?
Everyone, please send me your thoughts (^_-)-☆
If [...]

07.02.2011 Ayu’s Twitpic Updates!

Ayu tweeted several pictures of her with their San Fransisco friend, Ali also Ayu and Mannie and group picture with the fans!

Quelle: Ayu’s Twitter

02.02.2011 - 06.02.2011 Ayu’s Tweets Update!

Massive Updates of Ayu’s Tweets from 2nd - 6th February 2011!!
I’ve put into Twitlonger, so here are the links to the translations!
2nd - 4th February 2011
5th - 6th February 2011

Quelle: Ayu’s Twitter & ayusstory

05.02.2011 A day

A day
5 February 2011. 10:45am

Were you crying?
I was,
Right behind you. |
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