Daily Archives: Januar 6, 2011

Ayu’s & Mannie’s Twitpic Update!

Ayu and Mannie tweeted pictures on their accounts again today, talking about going somewhere by riding an a AIRBUS A380.

and seeing the latest tweet by Mannie below:
This is definitely Singapore Changi Airport! and I think they’re going somewhere through there.

and a fan did ask ayu through Twitter of where she is heading, is [...]

Ayu’s Twitpic Update!

Ayu posted a picture of her and Mannie hands with the wedding rings.
Ayu showed off her Diamond ring! Tee Hee! haha

Quelle: Ayu’s Twitter

Ayu & Mannie Going Back To Japan From US Picture

Here’s another picture from Nikkan Sports

More pictures from yesterday!

Quelle: SINA