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Heute in Österreich mit Manuel Schwarz im Interview

Heute in Österreich mit Manuel Schwarz im Interview vom August 2009.
Hier das Interview:

The Secret Behind Ayumi’s Anime Eyes - Turn Me Into Ayumi

Jan 4, 2011
Top 3 make-up boo-boos
The secret behind Ayumi’s anime eyes - Turn me into Ayumi

By Cheong Poh Kwan

EVEN the most makeup-savvy women in Japan can be guilty of make-up boo-boos, said Japanese make-up expert Kazuya Haraguchi.

The Carriere Makeup Creations and Academy founder, who has worked with top Japanese celebrities like Ayumi [...]

Singapore Newspaper’s Articles About Ayu’s Marriage

Singapore’s The Strait Times Local Newspaper has few sections that talking about Ayu’s marriage!

Quelle: Singapore’s The Strait Times

Love songs’ Blog Update: Glutton King ★

Glutton King ★
3 January 2010. 7:32pm

This entry is about the dinner we had yesterday at a steak house.

We’ve heard so much about the huge size of the steaks here… (゜∀゜)

So we ordered, waited impatiently for about 10 minutes,

And it… it’s here…………!!

Or rather…

It appeared!!!!!!!!!

Please look at the following pictures, with this loud exclamation in mind ↓↓↓

More [...]