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Ayu & Last angel PV’s Model Nicole Ellis Picture

The female model/actress on Ayu’s Last angel PV!

She is Nicole Ellis!

Quelle: Nicole Ellis’s Facebook

Love songs’ Blog Update: A HAPPY NEW YEAR☆

2 January 2011. 5:46pm

Soon after the start of 2011,

Hamasaki Ayumi’s happy news rocked the whole of Japan!!!

There are probably lots of people who are shocked,

especially those of you from TA, but because you all are Hamasaki Ayumi’s beloved and understanding fans

I’m sure you will all watch over her warmly.

Please also continue [...]

Ayu’s Pictures At Finemake Sou-san’s Official Blog

Finemake, Sou-san updated her blog during the new year after they have finished CDL that day,

Ayu looked So CUTEE and ADORABLE!

She is the person who invented a new technique for eyebrow shaping which she brands as finemake or something. Her name is Sato-san and is one of Ayu’s [...]

Ayu’s & Mannie’s Twitter Updates!

Mannie just updated on his twitter with a picture of him and Ayu, but it’s the same picture as Ayu posted on her Team Ayu though, but bigger size

Ayu also made a comment to the picture and posted a picture, view from their hotel room, likely
They are indeed in [...]