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Infobericht über Manuel Schwarz von 21.12.2009: “Es ist einfach so passiert”

“Ich vermisse Kässpätzle und Schnapstrinken mit meiner Mama”, so Manuel Schwarz - ©VN/ Steurer
Lustenau - Der Lustenauer Manuel Schwarz lebt seit einigen Jahren erfolgreich als Model in den USA.

“Es ist einfach so passiert”, antwortet Manuel Schwarz auf die Frage, wie er zu seinem Job als Model in Kalifornien gekommen ist. Er habe [...]

S Cawaii Magazine February 2011 Issue Cover Picture

S Cawaii Magazine February 2011 Issue Cover Picture

Woah the short hairstyle just like she wore at last COUNTDOWN LIVE 2010-2011~

Ayu & Mannie Going Back To LA Pictures!

According to MSN article, Ayu & Mannie got married in a Small Chapel in Las Vegas, America with close friends and few staff members attended.

Here are few pictures of Ayu and Mannie going back to LA yesterday afternoon, Japan Time and got married on the same day, 1th January 2011, US time [...]

02.01.2011 “To my beloved TA,”

To my beloved TA,
2 January 2011. 3:10pm

On the 1st of January 2011,

we registered our marriage in a small chapel in America.

Because I want everyone in TA to know about this first, I’m writing this now.

I think everyone else knows about this already, but my husband is Mannie.

He is my Last angel.

From now on, I [...]

Ayu’s & Jejung’s Twitter Conversations!

So yesterday, Jejung of JYJ tweeted to Ayu to congratulate her and Ayu has also replied his tweets!

Ayu to Jejung: Okay, Call me tomorrow!

Jejung to Ayu: I’m slowly falling asleep now so I’ll call you tomorrow^^ it’s something amazing, isn’t it? haha

Ayu to Jejung: Wahahahaha. I’ll [...]

Jejung Of JYJ Congrats Ayu About Her Wedding Through Twitter

Finally Jejung of JYJ tweeted to Ayu after hearing the news of Ayu’s getting married!
It’s so funny that he called Ayu with Katakana haha XD and he forgot to add “Senpai” haha~

“Ayu! I heard today that ~ You’re getting married? Congratulation!!”

Quelle: Jejung’s Twitter