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Love songs’ Blog Update: JAPAN☆ vs USA★

18 January 2011. 5:08pm
Glutton competition!!
Japan contestant: Mr Giant Sugi.

More under the cut!
USA contestant: Mr Stan.




Japan contestant: Mr Giant Sugi!!!!!!!!!

Even Stan’s large stomach is no match for Giant Sugi’s appetite…
How terrifying Σヽ(°Д°; )ノ
A-STAFF Minazou
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Ayu’s Tweets Update!

Massive Updates of Ayu’s Tweets from 14th - 16th January 2011!!
I’ve put into Twitlonger, so here are the links to the translations!
14th January 2011
15th January 2011
16th January 2011
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Good morning ☆

Good morning ☆
16 January 2011. 2:05am

It’ll soon be 9 in the morning here.
What is everyone doing now–?
I miss everyone–
I wanna meet you all–
I hope tour rehearsals can start soon–
I hope the tour can start soon–
Until then, let me make some wonderful songs which will ring in everyone’s hearts ☆
Before that, I need to eat some [...]

bea’s UP Magazine February 2011 Issue Full Scans

Full scans of bea’s UP Magazine February 2011 Issue!
I love this photoshoot so much!
Ayu’s very gorgeousss!!

Ayu’s & Mannie’s Twitpic Update!

Ayu and Mannie posted their pictures on their Twitter few hours ago..
they were relaxing at Malibu.
Stan-chan is there with them right now.
The first picture is so SWEET!!
More pictures can go here

ayu_19980408: I was trying. To. Put lipbalm on him, but he ate it. And Minazoi took a photo. Why?

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“Love songs” Album Certified With Platinum By RIAJ!

Congratulations Ayu!
“Love songs” album has been certified Platinum for 250,000 Copies sold in Japan!

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Love songs’ Blog Update: We love Stan ♪

We love Stan ♪
15 January 2011. 4:13pm
Whenever the A team goes overseas, Stan was always there for us.

So, for those of you who just became Hamasaki Ayumi’s fans, here’s a spotlight entry on Stan just for you guys!!
Normally, Stan takes part in movie production, as well as other stuff. But whenever we visit, [...]

Love songs’ Blog Update: How are you???

How are you???
14 January 2011. 1:09am
No time no see!!
I’m sorry for this delayed update <(_ _)><(_ _)><(_ _)>
I’m sure you guys already know through TA or Twitter, but we are now out of Japan.
There must be some of you who are worrying “At this rate, you will never come back…”, but I assure [...]

S Cawaii Magazine February 2011 Issue Full Translation

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Hamasaki Ayumi talks about “Love songs”
“Aside from understanding and feeling with me, if I can become the mirror that reflects my listeners, so that they can truly see themselves…”
With that idea, new album “Love songs” was completed!
ayu sings about many different kinds of LOVE, and with that, what questions does she [...]

Ayu’s Twitpic Update!

Ayu updated her pictures in salon through Twitter
She looked so funny! haha

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