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50th New Single “L” Official Posters Pictures

Official Posters of 50th New Single “L”

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Ayu To Be Appeared At CDTV!

The Official site has already updated with the new TV Performance schedule
She’ll be performing at CDTV on 2nd October 2010
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Rock ‘n’ Roll Blog Update 24.09.2010

Rock’n’Roll Circus Tour FINAL~7days Special~Rehearsal★
24.09.2010 (Fri) 04:17 AM
During the rush of CD single releasing,
We’re also going on 7 days Special’s rehearsal steadily.
Yesterday, we moved to certain place
and had a rehearsal as close to actual stage as possible.

More under the cut!
You know, but leader Ayu and everyone have a serious face.
Dancers and Performer team also get [...]

Ninki Ranking Prediction For 50th Single “L”

Ninki Index Chart by Oricon has been updated for next week’s single’s ranking
Ayu’s 50th new Single “L” is placed no. 1 with 83,20 points, Slightly less than “crossroad” single that just released this week. I hope “L” will sell more.

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[Ayu's Diary] 24.09.2010 Buhyohyohyo~.

24.09.2010 00:35 AM

I’ve just finished from the place.
Well, 7days special’s stage is going to be…
pretty cool.
I’m still going to rehearsal again and again until the last moment, but at this time, it’s already so cool..
On the very day of 7day special stage is going to be so gooood (o^O^o)♪
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50th New Single “L” Composers & Arrangers Information

Here are the list of the official composers & arrangers for Ayu’s new 50th Single “L”
Virgin Road (5:55)
music: Tetsuya Komuro
arrangement: Yuta Nakano
Sweet Season (5:05)
music: Noriyuki Makihara
arrangement: Shingo Kobayashi
Last angel (5:44)
music: Tetsuya Komuro
arrangement: CMJK
music: Tetsuya Komuro
arrangement: Tetsuya Komuro
lyrics: Mitsuko Komuro
music: Tetsuya Komuro
arrangement: CMJK
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Ayu’s Official Site Update With 50th New Single “L” Theme

can’t help it!

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[Ayu's Diary] 23.09.2010 Tried to take Another Photo!

Tried to take Another Photo!
23.09.2010 01:02 AM

At the toilet in studio!!(laugh)
How’s that (o^O^o)♪
A little darker, but it is sad to take photos all the way by myself in the toilet.
Ah, staff is calling me, my turn is coming-.
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50th New Single “L” PVs To Be Aired On BeeTV + BeeTV Ranking

BeeTV is going to air Virgin Road & Sweet Season PVs through Mobile Phones which are able to access Music Videos.

Music Video Ranking according to BeeTV
crossroad PV got no. 1! Congrats!

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50th New Single “L” Official CM

The Official CM for 50th New Single “L” has been updated on the official site!