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Ayublog Special

Nun sind die Bilder vom Aufbau´s des Countdown Live 2009-2010 unter Ayublog Special ansehbar.
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[Ayu's Diary] 28.12.2009

The whole group …
28-12-09 07h30
… has moved to Yoyogi.
This is the day at Yoyogi, and yet the room is so great that I did not have all my marks lol
But when I feel tired, I can not stop, I’m not depressed, what gives me strength is to see people who continue to make efforts, rights [...]

ViVi Magazine February 2010 Issue Translation

ViVi Magazine February 2010 Issue Full Translation
double one

A letter to XX
After this point, I’ll go on forever—. I could fulfil this 11th year with such a conviction.
Because I performed from spring to autumn, I was together with my fans,
staff, dancers and band members all the time.
Sharing a time that comes only once and an atmosphere [...]

「You were… / BALLAD」47th Single With Limited Team Ayu Goodies

「You were… / BALLAD」47th Single With Limited Team Ayu Goodies pictures, Team Ayu blanket and postcard, plus poster. Someone from AyuChina bought through Yahoo! Japan Auction.

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[Ayu's Story] 26.12.2009

Happy …
26-12-2009 17h02
… Christmas! ☆
Yesterday was a day when the wind blew very hot, we were all sweaty! Labor intensive, but I think we did something right! ! !
And I could hear very good music.
And I realize now that talks about Christmas, the year has passed at high speed lol.
In the evening, we all wake [...]

NHK 60th Kouhaku Official Setlist

NHK 60th Kouhaku Official Site has announced officially that Ayumi Hamasaki will be the 1st performer to open the event by performing 「Rule」

Picture taken from NHK Kouhaku Official Site
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[Ayu's Diary] 23.12.2009

Good starting tomorrow, it will be the dress rehearsal with all musicians, all dancers, all the staff and all staff of the tour!
We have so little time … I wonder which end we must begin lol

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[Ayu's Diary] 13.12.2009 - 19.12.2009

I get lots of comments after the M-Sta (music station)
I confess that I had stage fright lol
Yeah, it was the first time I interpreted a new song. I gave everything! ! ! !
Some write to me they have cried in front of their TV screen … Probably because I sang them come directly into their [...]

「You were… 」Acapella Version mu-mo TV-CM

「You were… 」Acapella Version mu-mo TV-CM:

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NINKI Chart Prediction of「You were… / BALLAD」47th Single

We know that NINKI Chart is only a prediction chart, so Don’t really believe it. Since the new single has been sold out in like everywhere, i doubt that it will only sell around 90++K, so i guess that it should be more than 100++K for the 1st day.
Ganbatte Ayu!

Picture taken from Oricon Official Site
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