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Ayumi Hamasaki becomes face of Rimmel in Asia

Pop singer Ayumi Hamasaki, 30, has been chosen as the first-ever representative in Asia for England’s top cosmetics brand Rimmel. Ayu’s debut advertisement for Rimmel will feature her big doey eyes pushing the brand’s eye color line, and will begin appearing around Asia in early August.
The iconic image of gorgeous, young Asian women, Hamasaki is [...]

AYU’S DIARY (July 24)

It does not end …
24-07-2009 05H02
Must deliver the PV before the end of the morning!
It still works §
Directed to me through the whole staff “images”, everybody is doing its best to offer you an even better work, even the best one!
Aah, the dawn arrives … Wait two seconds.
Oh, this morning [...]


21-07-2009 02h10
The title has no meaning lol.
Well, well. This morning when I wake up, I was taken by a syndrome of desire to drink “momi-tea” and it was panic!
Found! ! ! ! ! ! ! !
(well, to be precise, it is something that I like!)

Secondly, I do not know if I breathed too hard [...]


As I was saying …
18-07-2009 22h42
… it’s huge, the number of messages! lol
I feel that I will lose face that manigance Small eye, and I do not want it, seriously I read everything! ! Desperately! lol
No, really, it makes an incredible number.
Do that at home we play so well is not it? ? ?
In [...]

Sunrise / Sunset ~LOVE is ALL~ Covers and performances and etc.

CD Only:

Sunrise / Sunset -Love is All- [Jacket B]
Ayumi Hamasaki


Sunrise / Sunset -Love is All- [CD+DVD / Jacket A]
Ayumi Hamasaki

The promotion of the single has already started with the pool in August, also missed:

fan photos from Music Japan July 20th taping:
Apparently each fan (400) were given a free a-nation 09 towel…lucky! I love [...]

Ayu on ZIN’s blog~



It seems …
18-07-2009 05h11
they are very happy both !(^^)!
I bet they have been surprised (lol), but, well, our team is a little rasemblement members who think “I’m the best! ! ! lol
This is the way to welcome to be wary lol
That said, it’s true that this is important.
I am not saying that we think [...]

Ayu’s DIARY entry for 18/07/2009

Since early this morning …
18-07-2009 18h25
I get all the minutes of messages that look really declarations of love … lol
Even now it continues lol.
Uh? My would be the target of an attack? !
true, it’s too funny mdr!
But you know, me too I love you! ! !
Whether you’re here or not, in my mirror, your image [...]

Ayu’s DIARY entry for 17/07/2009

Yesterday … well, this morning?
17-07-2009 06h12
after I moved in my last message screaming meaningless,
I received number of messages asking me: “Rocky made you something?” I love the humor you all of the “TA”! lol
Well. Today was day of registration of a variety show.
It was the first time I sang Sunrise in this context there, and [...]

Ayu’s DIARY entry for 16/07/2009

Limit …
16-07-2009 04h21
… I’m still alive (-_-
By the concert that was postponed in Osaka at the end of the month, JETRO things to finish. (What is this?). No, sorry. “I have too.”
May, if I resist that, we all have many more good memories this summer! !
I take a lot of nice photos for magazines ♪
I [...]