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NEW Single Sunrise / Sunset -Love is All

Hier könnt Ihr die neue Single von Ayu bei unserem Partner bestellen:

Sunrise / Sunset -Love is All- [CD+DVD / Jacket A]
Ayumi Hamasaki

CD Only:

Sunrise / Sunset -Love is All- [Jacket B]
Ayumi Hamasaki

Sunrise / Sunset ~LOVE is ALL~ [CD+DVD]
Catalog: AVCD-31718/B
1. Sunrise ~LOVE is ALL~ (Original mix)
2. Sunset ~LOVE is ALL~ (Original mix)
3. Special Mega-Mash-Up-Mix (July 1st / [...]

ayu’s DIARY: That’s a foolish question

That’s a foolish question.
2009/06/28 21:58 | ayu
Yeah, that was a foolish question.
We are born alone, and we’re going to die alone.
These are facts that will not change.
But, the fact of living alone can not be good
After all, 「I wasn’t alone」.
We can not continue in the past moments, present is now,
now to the future.

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ayu’s DIARY: Today…

2009/06/28 19:38
Because the photography was finished early today, everyone went to the beach ♪

As a team, we all acted like kids today (?)
We had so much fun today and did so many things that I got tan,
Well, the other members got red
Oh, an elephant stepped on my foot *laughs* (?)

The adult team had such a [...]

ayu’s DIARY: I forgot (^_^;)

2009/06/28 01:58
I forgot (^_^; )
I posted something awhile ago but i forgot to attach the pictures, so I’m writing it again.
I was sleepy because it was early this morning. (or I’m sleepy because I’ve been up since early this morning, not sure.)
Let’s sleeeeeeep.
Because it was really hot and sweaty today, these things were must haves!!!

Mineral [...]

ayu’s DIARY: Today as well (2009, June 26)

2009/06/26 20:00 | ayu
Today as well,
I took in a lot of good things♪

However, I was sleepy this morning.
I kept low eyes (?).

But in this case, I am an actress ♪ actress ♪ actresssss ♪

Because this guy is always acting like a child, he decided to do a pose

He is such a character. (?)
That reminds me, [...]

ayu’s DIARY: tomorrow shooting~

I’ve the stomach full ♪
2009/06/25 23:22 | ayu
That restaurant was today, I had to wait over a chari with gold ribbons on each in this way (*^_^*)

I am happy, ko-yu-no(?) ♪
I, chon-san is going to ask this dessert ♪

I thought they were good, it was heavy and dry, after all Bancho’s stomach end to [...]

ayu’s diary: Where is Ayu?

Where is Ayu part? A single index case in the following message: time is displayed on his watch is almost the same as that of the Japanese home. Les paris sont ouverts! …
Jet lag …
(25-06-2009 19h51)
… is only an hour.
That is why, even though I am abroad, as is almost the same time zone, [...]

Today´s Photo 616 - 625

Photo No. 615: On y va! ! !
At the airport in Kobe ♪
But first, they all accompanied me to the airport of Haneda ∈ ∋ 0

Photo No. 616: Today More …
they are all in great shape!
Chon san was also pleased, especially as the recording went well, and has not missed his plane [...]

ayu’s diary: a shooting abroad!

Ayu has, it seems, suddenly decided to completely change the look of his messages in form, as it is now something much more akin to a blog (she was influenced by all his fellow game as CMJK to mention that he, who held their own in this way?). As to the merits, it also seems [...]

DejiDeji: On holiday in Bali

Ayumi we talked earlier this month his adventures during a week of vacation without telling us exactly where she was part relax. The answer with at least DejiDeji August:

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