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TA Message 538 - 540

This morning …
No. 538 21-05-2009 11:59
… before falling asleep, I read the blog …. and EmOC I cried so that waking up, Chon Chan had eyes in the shape of figure 3.
The eyes still in form 3, I will post some pictures.
I hope you enjoy! (_-)- ☆
I will still …
No. 539 22-05-2009 02h59
post [...]

TA Message 537

Let me …
No. 537 21-05-2009 02h37
… I bring you here for an explanation, qu’importent first explanation, and I do not think it is useful. However, concern me back to you.
Following the cancellation of performances in Osaka, dancers, musicians, people from the staff (the people I know, but also a lot that I do not [...]

TA Message 536

At this time,
No. 536 20-05-2009 15h39
… I thought that I had to you, that I wanted to express.
To reflect this, the day was lifted, and the morning was even completed.
Is it that there was no other way, we hoped to the last limit, we all ran in all directions. And until the decision to [...]

TA Message 534 - 535

You know,
No. 534 17-05-2009 03h18
… Tomorrow the Hiroshima Green Arena is going to collapse. lol
No seriously, it sucks.
The public Hiroshima ……. too hoooot! !
In Hiroshima, there is such energy, so I have fun, it’s huge, but Chon chan wondered if it really is better to strengthen the walls!
go, see you tooomorrow! (_-)- ☆

Thank you
No. [...]

Today´s Photo 569 - 579

No. 569: Getting Started …
It’s arrival at Tokyo Station ♪
Thank you for coming so many of his departure for me! (*_*)
And thank you for all these letters full of emotion.
These are my my little treasures to me ☆

No. 570: A lot …
… were still present! (*_*)

No. 571: On a. ..
strolled [...]

TA Message 531 - 533

No. 531 15-05-2009 02h21
… ma (mbo!) (I’m back!)
Well, I am repeating myself, but seriously, this energy increases with certainty to each concert, one of these four, there is a room that will actually collapse! lol
Ben .. Sendai! ! ! What is this enormous energy! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !
C’tait [...]

TA Messages 528 - 530

Today …
No. 528 10-05-2009 03h01
… I was super motivated, but at the time of departure, there was something that should not occur before a live, car Chon-san suddenly broke down, and it was the race up to the Yokohama Arena. (I find that I am often required to run these days lol)
But if the [...]

TA Message 525 - 527

Convince …
No. 525 07-05-2009 17h32
… that all goes well and show his smiling face as we know so well done.
Not something that starts like that, but the sensation that has really changed.
If I hid my hand trembles, because compassion is too cold.
I contemplate with warmth without conviction does not heat. Except that it does [...]

TA Message 523 - 524

No. 523 06-05-2009 01h07
… these days should be devoted to the filming of a new pub (contents? ♪), but the Prince, he spoke too much fatigue birch, or he felt that was too noticeable fatigue and that shots were impossible in these conditions (I would rather for it lol)
in fact I do not know [...]

Today´s Photo 563 - 568

Photo No. 563: On arrival …
… of course, here I come!
At Yama-chan.
I went even when I lived in Fukuoka, you think …
It’s a long story of love!
On the right is the boss!
Ah! can be seen better on the second photo.
Thank you for everything, boss! (*_*)

Photo No. 564: So, first …
a cliché proves that [...]