TA Message 545

No 545 27-05-2009 02h11

Today, the work we had done before leaving was delayed, and because the risk of missing the last Shinkansen was increasing, we urgently asked for our motor-home and left the Aoyama center, we finally arrived here at Nagoya.

Raa, it was long…

But… at the Tokyo station, or that of Nagoya, many of you waited, is it not true… (>_<)

I also wanted to see you… (T.T)

Your letters and gifts were given to me by my staff ☆
I promise to read everything carefully! (ˆ_-)-☆

Good! In this tour, this is the second time in Nagoya!!!!!!!!!!!!

I, too, feel the energy begin to rise ♪

Do not believe that I will be beaten by the public of Nagoya! ♪♪♪

Tomorrow is the big dayl!!!!! ヽ(ˆ0ˆ)ノ

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