Ermittlungsverfahren gegen Ayu! // Criminal investigation against Ayu!


“According to some news organizations, there is an event which has Ayumi Hamasaki.
However, this is an event that Ayumi Hamasaki has in no way involved in management.
I regret the concern caused to all the fans Auymi Hamasaki, we urge it to understand this situation.
The office of the Executive Team Ayu. “
Here is the translation release terse and somewhat strange that was communicated by Team Ayu to all members on 23 May
Inquiry, it appeared that some newspapers, including the Daily Sport, has published articles referring to a judicial inquiry at which Ayu could be condemned!

This investigation concerns the event on April 7 to “Shibuya109″ for the launch of “Ayu Dejideji of 2000-2009A. We remember qu’Ayu, after a time announced its presence through one of his messages then you have deleted, had finally decided to honor this event with his presence for a few minutes. And then she said she was delighted by the crowd who came to express his affection.

It is this crowd that is causing the problem. The thousands who attended this event had such option but to invade the road, causing a real panic for the movement of vehicles. And it appears that no permission was neither sought nor granted in respect of the occupation of the carriageway. The investigation that was initiated is conducted by the Commission depending Shibuya of the National Police for “obstructing traffic” …

This may seem relatively innocuous, but in Japan are not kidding with the Highway Code. For example, no more tolerance on driving after alcohol ingestion, the rate is allowed … 0%!
Hence, to avoid Ayu to be involved and of responsibility, this release of Team Ayu. Which certainly is intended solely for its members, but which seems to indicate the official line of defense qu’Avex decided to adopt to avoid the star singer of prosecution.
The press has also stated that this event has been organized and managed by an agency of communication.
Stay tuned.