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TA Message 546

Posted on 05/29/2009 at 10h14
What is meant exactly in the short message Ayu posted just hours before her 4th appearance in Nagoya? Does she want to stimulate a crowd that has already been won over by her? Did she not experience the same with the 3rd, which was held the day before? With your comments…!
Nagoya [...]

Small break between friends to Ayumi

In full tour Ayu does not forget his priorities, there is little to celebrate the birthday of a friend named Natsuki with Mika Noguchi and Bancho, his faithful “nail artist”.
The occasion for reminding ourselves Bougresses qu’Ayumi dresses in Peach John and that his gift has cost a small fortune. (Mother’s Day approach, thank you mika!)
All [...]

TA Message 545

No 545 27-05-2009 02h11
Today, the work we had done before leaving was delayed, and because the risk of missing the last Shinkansen was increasing, we urgently asked for our motor-home and left the Aoyama center, we finally arrived here at Nagoya.
Raa, it was long…
But… at the Tokyo station, or that of Nagoya, many of you [...]

New concert dates in Osaka

In a release outside of its web pages, Team Ayu formalized new concert dates in Osaka in replacement of canceled performances due to health risk.
Here are two new dates have been decided:
- 28-07-2009 Osakajô Hall 18:30
- 29-07-2009 Osakajô Hall 18:30
It is clear that the same tickets will be considered valid, and that will be reimbursed [...]

TA Message 544

Thank you! ! !
No. 544 24-05-2009 23:35

Just now, the alternative dates for the concerts in Osaka have been officially decided! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !
We managed not to remain at a cancellation (>_<)! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !
Details will be officially release tomorrow.
But before that, to prepare for [...]

Today´s Photo 584 - 597

Photo No. 584: Uh …
I think it is difficult to see, but the man with the yellow T-shirt is the owner of the property called “Hakka”.
It’s been years that Ayu’s go Team! ☆
Everything is very good, but I recommend the watercress sea urchins! ♪
So in essence it is not or poorly, there Minazo and [...]

Today´s Photo 580 - 583

Photos No 580: First …
Haneda Airport (Tokyo).
That day I had the impression that there were more people than usual came to me.
Y not to say that it’s fun …!
These are precious moment (*_*).

Photo No. 581: So many people …
asss that! (*_*)
When they line up as well, it’s a hell indeed! ! ! [...]

TeamAyu mag. : NEXT LEVEL von A bis Z

Hier die Screens:

We can not be said of last DejiDeji which contains mostly photos of the TeamAyu:


a-nation’09 Best Hit Selection

V.A./a-nation’09 Best Hit Selection(Title subject to change) [CD+DVD] CDA
2381 yen US$25/95.15 Release Date:2009/07/29
Description:Compilation album release of music festival “a-nation” featuring Ayumi Hamasaki, Kumi Koda, Ai Otsuka, Dong Bang Shin Ki, Every Little Thing, Do As Infinity, and more. Includes bonus DVD. *Unless otherwise indicated, DVDs are region-2 encoded (Japan, Europe, and Middle East), [...]

Ermittlungsverfahren gegen Ayu! // Criminal investigation against Ayu!

“According to some news organizations, there is an event which has Ayumi Hamasaki.
However, this is an event that Ayumi Hamasaki has in no way involved in management.
I regret the concern caused to all the fans Auymi Hamasaki, we urge it to understand this situation.
The office of the Executive Team Ayu. “

Here is the translation release [...]