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Premium Countdown Live 2008-2009 IN STORE 13.05.2009!

Ayumi´s Premium Countdown Live 2008 - 2009 kommt am 13.05.09 in die Läden. Die DVD kostet bei CD Japan 5600 yen etwa 44,04 Euro. Bestellen könnt Ihr es hier:

ayumi hamasaki Premium Countdown Live 2008-2009 A
Ayumi Hamasaki
description from cdJapan:
Live DVD release form Ayumi Hamasaki featuring footage of her “ayumi hamasaki Premium Countdown Live 2008 - 2009 [...]

2nd April 2009 - ayumi hamasaki 10th Anniversary ~SPECIAL LIVE~ on WOWOW Channel

98年、シングル「poker face」で歌手デビューし、08年4月からデビュー10周年イヤーに突入したayu 。全シングル43曲を収録した『A COMPLETE~ALL SINGLES~』のリリースや、国内外で延べ28万人を動員した大規模なツアーなど、昨年は精力的な活動 を行ってきた。WOWOWでは、ayuの10年間をコンサート映像で振り返る特別番組の放送が決定。圧倒的 なライブ・パフォーマンスやエンターテインメントの粋を尽くした華やかなステージには定評があるだけに、見 逃せない内容となりそうだ。
放送予定曲 - (Estimated songs?)
Boys & Girls
No way to say
Mirrorcle World

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TA Message 491

No. 491 28-03-2009 04h58
… apparently it was well appreciated by all, I am reassured!
I received lots of messages, thank you very much! (*_*)
You know, I hunted great because I had not sung since recording Rule!
But I also felt like a huge support and great teamwork.
In other words, I am super fun! ! !
They are [...]

Music Station + Today´s Photo 548

Ayu ist am letzten Freitag den 27.03.09 beim 3 Std. Special vom Music Station mit ihrem Lied Rule aufgetreten.
Hier ist das Video:

Today´s Photo:
What kind of picture will we see today?
To all those who have eagerly anticipated, sorry you have been languishing!
Today, they are all pictures with the dancers who [...]

TA Message 490

Today …
No. 490 27-03-2009 05h12
Zin … san has also written on his blog that tears,
is the anniversary of Subassu! ♪
29 years!
It is yoooung! ! !
Happy birthday Subarun ☆ ☆
Rest well as you are, to whom the pink goes so well! > _ <
Well, today I have the M-Sta, I have sends me to sleep!
But [...]

Today´s Photo 543 - 547

Photo 543: I’ve been waiting for!
You know, here are the giiiiirls! ! !
From right to left of the picture, big sister Kaya, Mido san, big sister Aki and Chii-chan!

Photo 544: Photo solo
To begin with, older sister Aki.
Woow, one hand could masculine look what!
Besides, it’s Mido san. No, wrong. It Midoringu MA! Asian Beauty [...]

Arena Tour 2009

Nun wurden weitere Conzerte von Ayu angekündigt. Somit geht Ihre Tour bis zum 22.10.2009.


TA Message 487 - 489

No. 487 24-03-2009 02h43
I have taken full, pictures of my big sisters, cute, or where they look good! ♪
But Chon-chan at the moment, it is rapidly assembling the DVD, therefore I will post tomorrow!
Patience, huh? (_-)- ☆
My elbow …
No. 488 25-03-2009 00h37
… makes me suffer.
We are all broken!
Just at this moment when things [...]

TA Message 486 + Today´s Photo 537 - 542

No. 486 23-03-2009 14h54
I am in the process of posting lots of photos!
Also with photos of new members! (_-)- ☆
Photo No. 537: TATATAAAA …! ! !
So, it is these three that are there new members!
From right to left on the photo, Nii-yan, Rocky and Kazuma.
In the background, the mask is Shûchan Man! lol

Photo No. [...]

Today´s Photo 533 - 536

Photo No. 533: I do not know what …
but Maro Chon chan and watch something very seriously.
Finally … is what one might …
And we laughed …

Photo No. 534: And now …
One more stop laughing!
It does more …!

Photo 535: Once again …
… you look very carefully after changing position.
Maro-chan and Chon.