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TA Message 465

I am from …
No. 465 26-02-2009 22h55
… back!
Here it is 6 o’clock in the morning.
I just returned after completing a recording session.
Today too, there lay a something gooooooooood! (_) V
I’m going to take a bath, I’ll sleep a little, and I leave for the shooting of the 2nd PV! ♪
Seeing my energy, Stan-chan repeat [...]

Next Level [USB-memory] [Limited Edition / Jacket D]

Ab sofort gibt es wieder die USB-Memory Version von Ayu´s 10. Album zu kaufen.
Hier der Link:
Next Level [USB-memory] [Limited Edition / Jacket D]
I dont know if this has been posted anywhere but at CDJapan you’ll will be able to pre-order “Next Level [w/ USB Memory Limited Edition]” from Mar 25, 2009.
Next Level [USB-memory] [Limited Edition [...]

TA Message 464

No. 464 26-02-2009 15h11
We just finally finished the filming of the first PV …
Back in my room, I fainted (lol) for about 3 hours, and I just wake up.
Soon, I go for a record.
But tomorrow another will begin filming for a new PV …
It is, us? lol
Who? … one who has designed such a schedule! [...]

Re-release Ayu Old Concert DVDs Out On[09/03/17]

Avex Trax bringt am 17.03.2009 wieder alte Konzerte von Ayumi Hamasaki herraus. Pro Konzert sollen die DVD´s 2800yen kosten.
Avex will be re-releasing some old ayu concerts, they will be out on 17th march for only 2800yen, these will be available for a limited period.
The difference between the regular version is that there isn’t a full [...]

Today´s Photo 496 - 500

No. 496: Something …
… strange in this picture? The solution:
Yes, we both team shirt in flannel.
Even the sleeves are measured the same way!
Incidentally, the real name of Nobita-kun, is Yuta Nakano.
He composes music that are quite different from the image it returns, eh? lol
Talkin ‘Mirrorcle is signed Nobita-kun, you know!

497 Something …
… [...]

Today´s Photo 491 - 495

No. 491: In the evening,
… we went to dinner together.
On the right, with a hyper warm clothing winter while we are in California and a T-shirt simply is Nobita-kun.
On the left of the photo, the now famous JK san.
The girls team Ayu while dining they do not leave san JK eyes, and they do [...]

Today´s Photo 485- 490

No. 485: To begin,
some views of the atmosphere at Narita at my departure.
How long have they all expected?
The hands of my girls close, they were frozen in ice … Aaaah! (T_T) I almost cried.

No. 486 that day, …
there was really a lot of people, it was very lively! (*_*)
The second photo, it [...]

TA Message 461 - 463

On the computer
No. 461 22-02-2009 05h06
Even today, you were very likely to come to Narita, thank you all! 0 ∈ ∋ ♪
You know, I am a woman who does not have to be traveling, you may think that I am accustomed. But for real, the plane, I like it. I am afraid. lol
Also, I [...]

Today´s Photo 477 - 484

No. 477: So …
It is during the first stay in LA, the last day of registration.
Today also I am full of energy! ♪ Mignonne, right? ♪
Ah, of course, even if the work begins, I am simply saying that I must not forget to make me really happy …is not it?

No. 478: “Fashion Check
It [...]

TA Message 460

Too pressed
No. 460 21-02-2009 01h54
… I panicked a little, but seeing that it was the same for JK san, somewhere I was a little reassured.
Come on, which we will finish the first to make his luggage …
Or rather, what do I do about gifts?

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