Daily Archives: Januar 16, 2009

TA Message 402

I realize …
15-01-2009 No. 402 … … 00h19
with really lateness, but …
Congratulations to all those who celebrated the “Celebration of the majority”! ! ! ! !
Don’t you have expected it, each of you, with your head full of memories and with a beating heart?
Especially girls, you certainly prepare the event for a long time, asking [...]

Zin Blog ~ Zin’s Arrival In Tokyo PT. 1

2009-01-14 05:44:06
The person with the alias Gori-san on Ounaa-san of tune up’s biog,
Is really really interesting.
Also, sou-shi’s journal is really funny recently.
Even if people that don’t know him see it will be lifted.
Again today, I am in the studio, working on styles and rehearsal for recital,
So I am just a bit tired.
So just the impression…
The [...]