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TA Message 418

Tout à l’heure…
No 418 30-01-2009 6h31
… la Chon chan du jour s’est faite photographier avec des “kira kira ban”*, donc je mettrai le cliché dans “la photo du jour” !(ˆ_-)-☆
En fait, on est en plein décalage horaire, et on commence les enregistrements dès 7 heures du matin! lol
Impensable à Tokyo! lol
Übersetzung auf Deutsch:
Alles [...]

TA Message 417

It’s very sudden …
No. 417 29-01-2009 09h19
… but I’m in Hawaii.
I’m recording.
How should I say it… in Hawaii at this time, it’s very cold.
The story goes back several years. Because of an excessively large crowd of people, a shop became over-flooded and the windows there exploded. Since then, realizing that my presence can cause trouble, [...]

TA Messages n°414 - n° 415 - n° 416

Why? ?
No. 414 27-01-2009 18h56
It concerns the “Today’s Photos” * . I don’t know why but I can’t send it to KAZ. (sweat)
Is it because I have changed my old laptop for a new one?
Well I’ll try a little more (T.T)
But before that, I’ll go see the massage girl so my body can get [...]

Today’s photo 425-426-427-428

No. 425: During the shooting
When I was going outside the snow fell. These are photos of people who were under a lot of pressure! lol
From left to right: Minazô, Chon-chan, Bancho
Photo on the right: Someone who moves and who is too blurred! lol
No. 426: And then …

Radical switching. Really serious training of choreography.
I learned [...]

AT08 ayupan 2009.2.6 ON SALE

Ab den 06.02.2009 kann man beim mu-mo Shop online die Ayupans ab 18:00 Uhr bestellen. Es gibt 7 verschiedende Ayupans.


Rule @

Ab sofort kann man den Song Rule auf der Seite von herrunterladen.
Diese Versionen gibt es:

Zin Blog - PV Shooting

It’s over!
Theme: Blog
We finished shooting!
My butt hurts!
My right shoulder hurts!
Last time,
I was pushed by Chonchan, with her saying “Only three line update?!”
[ His last entry was only 3 lines. ]
Safetly, This……… was not my debut single.
ayumi hamasakiの新曲PV撮影終わりました!!
We finished shooting ayumi hamasaki’s PV for her new song.
I don’t have any excuses for everyone, but,
Chonchon was really [...]

Ayu @ Radio

Ja Ayumi Hamasaki tritt auch im Radio auf…. und zwar am:
2/1 TOKYO FM サンデースペシャル
「JAL Dream Tour ayumi hamasaki 2008」19:00~20:00 O.A.
Aslo 1.02.09 Tokyo FM hören….

TA Message 413

No. 413 26-01-2009 09h24
at laaaaaaaast !!!
It sucks.
My body is full of scratches and bruises! lol
All the dancers are broken too! lol
We wondered if we were shooting an action movie! lol
You will discover what I mean when you see the PV ♪
Jin san gave us a special training all through night, and I can’t even begin [...]

TA Message 412

No 412 01-25-2009 07:18 AM
I neglected to post a lot…
But you know, I’m in very high-spirits! (ˆ_-)-☆
Yesterday, we started to shoot a new PV! ! !
And a while ago, it was done, I came back home. Well that’s what I thought, but already time to go again was getting close…
This said, I can tell you [...]