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TA Message 378

No. 378 20 December 2008 (Sat) 9:59 PM
Wait just a secoooonnnddd!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Today is December 20th???
The twentieth???
Wha?? If it’s the 20th, doesn’t that mean there’s only 4 days until Christmas Eve??? And that means in 4 days we start the band & dancer combination rehearsaaalll!!! (・O・;
No way. XD
We better get to work then. XD
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TA Message 377

This Bancho/Delinquent Leader.*
No. 377 20 December 2008 (Sat) 12:00 AM
This morning, when I said I walked into glass, I think I took myself off any pedestals you guys might have by successfully bashing my forehead.
Today, during our meeting, Machine-kun had problems again and all that blah blah blah (lol), so we had a huge gap [...]