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“Rule”, Dragon Ball movie theme song.

Ayu macht gerade den theme song für den nächsten Dragon Ball Film Org.(Dragon Ball Evolution). Es wird der endtitel “Rule” sein, dieser ist ein Rocksong. Das Release Date ist noch nicht bekannt.

Quelle: http://www.sanspo.com/

TA Messages 367-368

I’m way behind!!
No. 367 10 December 2008 4:32 PM
After the announcement, there was such a commotion made here, and I’m slow to update! I’m sorry! (>_<)!!
The other day I said “On the 10th I’ll be able to give more details so look forward to it”, and…
The news has already broken, but yes, it was arranged [...]

MusicoJP [TO BE] & [love~destiny]10th anniversary parts

┣着うた(R)(1サビver. 
┣着うた(R)(2サビver.) 
┗着うた(R)(3サビ~4サビver.) 
┣着うた(R)(1サビver.) 
┣着うた(R)(2サビver.) 
┗着うた(R)(ラストサビver.) 
LOVE~Destiny~(10th Anniversary version)
┣着うた(R)(1サビver.) 
┣着うた(R)(2サビver.) 
┣着うた(R)(3サビver.) 
┣着うた(R)(-Instrumental-)(1サビver.) 
┣着うた(R)(-Instrumental-)(2サビver.) 
┣着うた(R)(-Instrumental-)(3サビver.) 
TO BE(10th Anniversary version)
┣着うた(R)(1サビver.) 
┣着うた(R)(2サビver.) 
┣着うた(R)(3サビver.) 
┣着うた(R)(-Instrumental-)(1サビver.) 
┣着うた(R)(-Instrumental-)(2サビver.) 
┗着うた(R)(-Instrumental-)(3サビver.) 
Hier die 30 Sec. Previewversion von  LOVE ~Destiny~ (10th Anniversary version):

10th anniversary spezial msn seite

Diese Seiten sind ausschließlich in japanisch

TA Messages 365-366

Random little story
No. 365 8 December 2008 (Monday) 5:57 PM
I am very anxious because I bought the complete box set of my favorite foreign drama, Heroes season 2, and I haven’t opened it.
But knowing that I’d be unsatisfied if I saw the box without being able to continue watching until the end, I hid it [...]