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TA Message 362

Both Eyes
No. 362 7 December 2008 (Sunday) 4:43 PM
…are now red, so Chonchan is Benzo-san again.*
“What does ‘mixing’ mean??” I get this question alot, and it’s sorta hard to explain.
“Mixing” means, as its name would suggest, blending together the vocals and musical instruments and such. However, even if you say “vocal”, there’s the vocals that [...]

[romaji and translation] Days

Nanigenaku kawashite ru kotoba no hitotsuhitotsu ga
Boku ni totte wa totemo daiji na takaramono
Dakedo jibun de mo nandaka hazukashii kurai da kara
Kimi ga shitta ra kitto waraware chau darou
* Ai taku te ai taku te
Semete koe ga kiki taku te
You mo naku denwa shi tari
Kimi ga iru sore dake de
Kokoro ga totemo atatakaku naru
Boku no [...]

TA Message 361

Uh oh, sooorrryyyyy!!!
No. 361 7 December 2008 (Sun) 2:56 AM
Sorry about my recent slip in my usual pace as far as updating here.
Well then, what has Chonchan been up to…
I appeared on Music Station. (you knew that already)
Well lessee here… Today was the due date for the new song, so I settled into the recording [...]

Coming Schedule

12/16 日本テレビ(NTV)「1億3000万人が選ぶ!ベストアーティスト2008」
12/23 日本テレビ(NTV)「ハッピークリスマスショー2008」
12/26 テレビ朝日(EX)「ミュージックステーション SUPERLIVE 2008」
12/31 NHK「紅白歌合戦」
Quellen: http://avexnet.or.jp/ayu

Today’s photo 399 : MUSIC STATION

This is the Today’s photo n° 399 about Ayumi at Music Station, she sang Days, Mr Kaz speaks about her pink dress, ask to everyone to watch this performance and he notice the next today’s photo is the n°400 !!
n° 399
Quelle: http://ayuangel.com/

TA Messages 359 & 360

Urgent Announcement!!!
No. 359 4 December 2008 3:56 PM
Everyone on team “Ta” all over japan - no, all over the world.
Everyone on team “Ta” who called me “Chonchan” 9 times.
Everyone on team “Ta” whose numbers are increasing lately.
Everyone on team “Ta” who I love!!!
I checked up on the CDL ticket situation.
And um, first of all I [...]