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TA Message 351

No. 351 29 November 2008 10:58 AM
Going to go tackle recording(`_’)>
Today again, another looooong day begins——^^^^^
Also beginnt Ayu´s Tag um 11 Uhr Morgends und endet am fogle Tag um 5 Uhr Morgens……
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TA Message 350

No. 350 28 November 2008 11:29 PM
I’m dangerously immersed new song, whose due date is very soon, so…
With great effort, I’ve quickly memorized one more piece.
I memorized it while dancing alone for 5 hours continuously…
Copied Zin’s movements…
Copied Subaru’s smile…
Everyone is human, and alas, we are forgetful living things.
But yeah I’m still feeling that kind of [...]

Ayu @ Music Station

Am 05.12.08 wird Ayu bei Music Station mit dem Lied Days auftreten.
-White X’mas / KAT-TUN
-stay with me / 倖田來未
-素直になれたら / JUJU feat. Spontania
-Days / 浜崎あゆみ
-LOVE~winter song~ / 福原美穂
-エソラ / Mr.Children

Green PV

So seit langerzeit gab es auf dieser Seite kein PV(Musikvideo) zusehen. Das letzte ist vom 21. März 2008. Nun gibt es ein neues, und Ihr könnt es hier sehen….. Viel Spaß mit dem PV zu GREEN:
[dailymotion k2Wqf91TBDuTXFR2Ti&related=1&canvas=medium]

Days/Green CM

Auf Ayu´s Internetseite kann man nun das CM zur Single anschauen.
Daten: Days/GREEN CM - 15s

TA Message 349

New Song
No. 349 28 November 2008 5:03 AM
While making it, I thought suddenly that there was a new melody I wanted to add to the song, even though the song was all - well, almost - ready to be completed, that’s how I was today.
Because I want to do this thing right, absolutely!
Having come to [...]

GREEN/Days covers!!!

Hier die Screens von den Cover´n der Single Days/Green:



New Official Website layout Days/GREEN

Hier die Screens von Ayu´s neu gestalteter Homepage:

Wenn ihr das Bild anklickt vergrössert es sich.
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TA Messages 346-347

That reminds me…
No. 346 26 November 2008 4:34 AM
To everyone, didn’t explain detailed/accurate thing, so noticed this, and as such, hard to explain~.
The concert that I most recently finished work on is, at the end of this month (wow that’s actually really soon, isn’t it?) coming on TV, and it’s the last day in Yoyogi.
There [...]

TA Messages 344-345 - Happy Birthday, Zin!

No. 344 25 November 2008 11:33 PM
Those of you who got the a-nation DVD today, before its actual release, after my cardboard cutout comment, many thanks. (lol)
However, everyone in team “Ta” is very clever.
The meaning of “cardboard cutout”, and the people who saw the moment of quickly changing into a cardboard cutout, there were [...]