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Neuer Bereich

Nun seit heute gibt es den Bereich Tour Setlist. In dem Bereich könnt ihr euch die Setlist der einzelden Conzerten ab der Asia Tour 2007 ~Tour of Secret ~ anschauen.

Team Ayu Message No. 235

Whether laughing or crying.
No. 235 29 June 2008 (Sunday) 1:10 AM
Tomorrow, the curtain will be closed on the Japan leg of the tour.
I have recieved thoughts from everyone I’ve met all over the
country, those who can’t come to the show tomorrow, everyone
who answered me with all their strength, and even
everyone who’s going to the show [...]

[CHART] CDL 2007 ~ 2008

Erste Woche :
Tag 1 : 2
Tag 2 : 2
Tag 3 : 2
Tag 4 : 2
Tag 5 : 2
Tag 6 : 2
Erste Woche :
Platz : 2nd
Verkäufe : 42,387

Zweite Woche :
Tag 1 : 2
Tag 2 : 6
Tag 3 : 4
Tag 4 : 3
Tag 5 : 2
Tag 6 : //
Tag 7 : //
Zweite Woche :
Platz : //
Verkäufe: //
Quelle: [...]

MUSIC STATION Natsu Uta (Summer Songs) 2008

Ayu ist bei den besten Sommer Songs 2008, auf diese Platze der besten 111 Songs, gelandet:
no.28 - glitter
no.71 - BLUE BIRD
no.103 - fairyland
Quelle: Music Station  <<< japanese
Music Station   <<< english

Team Ayu Message No. 234

I am…
No. 234 28 June 2008 (Sat) 2:20 AM
…a girl who keeps her promises! (`_’)vBEEP!
Yep, I make such judgment because I have come to talk about Countdown Live, following through with the declaration in my last entry.
But that said, considering what I’m going to write, I’m not sure how or to what extent [...]

Team Ayu Message No. 233

Let’s cry together.
No. 233 23 June 2008 (Sunday) 3:50 AM
So ends my two days in Osaka.
I was thinking and feeling sooooooo many things, and was so overcome that I couldn’t help but cry at the very end of it.
Today’s concert attendees were absolutely the best!!!!!!!
The memories I have of so many different people are just [...]

Team Ayu Message No. 232

No no no…
No. 232 21 June 2008 (Sat) 2:50 AM
It’s not possible to grade the spark seen during the two days in Nagoya.
As expected, Nagoya’s power exploded even more! o/~
Anyway, it was awesome!!!!!!
Naturally, when the Ayu calls started, the Yo-chan calls
It seemed like a party, lol.
If there had been booze, I’d have been completely drunk! [...]

Ayu @ A-Nation 2008???

Nun wurden weitere Sänger bei A-Nation 2008 bekannt gegeben. Darunter ist  Namie Amuro, COLOR, hitomi, my little lover, REMIOROMEN und AYU. Allerdings wird Ayu erst auf den letzten 2 Konzerten erwartet. Aber wenigstens ist sie wieder dabei

Team Ayu Message No. 231

As expected!!!!!
No. 231 18 June 2008 (Wed) 4:10 AM
Everyone in Nagoya was just how I thought they’d be d(^-^)NE!
From the opening, I was greeted & received with totally
high spirits. ~(^_^)v(^_^)v(^_^)v
Tomorrow, more more, let’s heat up the hot show!!!!!
Then, for the 2 days in Osaka (last stop!) let’s do more more more!!!
Heat it up [...]

Team Ayu Message No. 229 und 230

Nagoya da gya~.
No. 229 17 June 2008 (Tues) 2:46 AM
If I said that to all my Nagoyan friends, they’d put on a serious face and say “Is that Hakata-ben?” in reply, I bet.
Huh? (lol)
But I’m gonna insist on using it anyway.
Starting tomorrow, Nagoya da gya~~~ o/~
I always feel so [...]