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Ayu Collection

Ayu und Kanako “Bancho” Miura haben für die Firma AGES aufklebbare Fingernägel konzipiert, hier einppar bilder:

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Neue Tour Goods

Laut der mu-mo Seite kann man jetzt 2 neue sachen an den Ayu ständen kaufen.

^^ Einmal den 2. teil der Ayupan Collection

^^Und einmal die Ayu Bälle, die es auch beim Countdown 2007-2008 gab.
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Shanghai ASIA TOUR 2008

Am 18. Oktober um 19:30 Uhr tritt Ayumi Hamasaki in Shanghai in der Shanghai Grand Stage (Shanghai Gymnasium) auf.
Ticketcenter: (englisch)
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Ayumi Hamasaki : Avex Group Holdings Financial Summary

Album :
(miss)understood: 1,030,000 (Japan)
(miss)understood: 1,800,000 (Asia)
Secret: 900,000 (Japan)
Secret: 1,900,000 (Asia)
A BEST 2- WHITE- 1,000,000 (Japan)
A BEST 2 -WHITE- 1,800,000 (Asia)
A BEST 2 -BLACK- 1,000,000 (Japan)
A BEST 2 -BLACK- 2,000,000 (Asia)
A BEST 2 Total : 2,000,000 (Japan)
A BEST 2 Total : 3,800,000 (Asia)
GUILTY: 750,000 (Japan)
GUILTY: 1,800,000 (Asia)
Ayu-mi-x 6: 120,300 (Japan)
Ayu-mi-x 6: 230,000 (Asia)
Singles : (Japan)
BLUE BIRD: [...]

Team Ayu Message No. 224

Arrival o/~
No. 224 24 May 2008 12:44 AM
I’ve arrived to the piece & quiet of my hotel in Osaka~ (^_^)b
So, I’m gonna eat well and get plenty of sleep, and then tomorrow & the day after, I’m gonna put on the best shows ever!
I’ll only be drinking alcohol in moderation, yeees…… haha.
Everyone I [...]

Countdown Live 2007 ~ 2008 Live DVD

Hier das Cover zum Countdown 2007-2008:

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Team Ayu Message No. 223

No. 223 23 May 2008 (Friday) 4:44 AM
I have done it o/~
Goodness gracious, for the 2 days in Kobe, everyone was really so concerned~ (v_v)…
I want to show everyone an everlasting and neverending dream (*^_^*)
But yeah, I kept thinking, “when I do this stuff I think I make everyone uneasy!!!!” and I started [...]

Team Ayu Message No. 221 und 222

That’s right.
No. 221 14 May 2008 (Wednesday) 11:17 PM
…what’s right?
Well um, during the Hiroshima performances, I came down with a cold. (*facepalm emote*)
Because of that, I couldn’t go to Okonomimura (aka Okonomiyaki Village, this place in Hiroshima with tons of restaurants. –Deli), which I always look forward to.
(Maybe things will still turn [...]

Top 99 der Damen

Ayu ist bei den Top 99 der Internetseite auf Platz 79 gelandet.
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TeamAyu message 220

No. 220 5 May 2008 (Monday) 2:57 AM
Nagoya, hot!!!
Nagoya, really really hot!!!!!!!
The temperature may be hot, but I’ve decided I am still going to be meeting up with everybody. (haha)
For a minute I thought I landed it Taiwan by mistake. < What the…?! (ROFL)
As for the design, it seems tomorrow KAZ is kindly [...]