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Ayu / Max Matsuura : a scandalous kiss

The very close relationship has always maintained Ayu with Max Matsuura, his producer and current No. 1 of avex, has long been a source of many jokes in the ranks of fans as detractors of the singer. A revelation of the magazine FLASH relayed this morning by most Japanese news sites, however, confirm that these [...]

2 New Weider-in-Jelly CM

[youtube w3FjuU_dgL4&hl=ja]
[youtube 4QliFvMMFh4&hl=ja]
Mit englischen Untertiteln.

TeamAyu message 218

No. 218 27 April 2008 (Sunday) 1:29 AM
Happy-happy Fukui!!!
Everyone’s enthusiasm, and power, and encouragement & applause, everything, impacted my heart so greatly that I felt from the first song that I could cry…
Honestly, today, everyone’s feelings were overflowing, and for the whole time we were in the venue, right until the end it [...]

TeamAyu message 217

Shop-Promoter Girl.
No. 217 26 April 2008 (Saturday) 1:34 AM
Although I know there are people who already know about it & who’ve already seen it, I ask that you allow me to mention the beauty parlor “ZACC”, where I’ve been going for the past 9 years~ (*^_^*)
ZACC’s Owner, Takahashi, has been doing not only my hair [...]

TeamAyu message 216

No. 216 24 april 2008 (Thursday) 7:19 AM
Three days have passed since the second Shizuoka show, when my voice died…
I still have a squeaky voice though, what the hell…
As for that, it seems my vocal chords are damaged—-…
Of course I have to ignore the phone.
Every day, really by only writing things down & [...]

10th Anniversary Team Ayu special prize

Für alle TA Mitglieder gab es jetzt einen Goldenden Telefonstrap. Hier 2 Bilder:

Quelle: ahsforum

TeamAyu message 215

No. 215 21 April 2008 (Monday) 4:13 AM
At the end of the Encore part of today’s show, my voice stopped workiiing…>_<…
Around the time I said “Omae dare da?” (lol), I opened my mouth and out came this squeaky girly voice to sing the last song… (-_-)
During dancer introductions, it was this weak granny’s [...]

Ayu auf Platz 10…

Ayu wurde bei, der Top 10 der Besten Hairstyle´s, auf platz 10 gewählt. Sie hat ganze 98 Votings bekommen.

Ayumi in Konzert

On the 8th, Ayumi Hamasaki (29) held her 10th anniversary concert celebrating 10 years since the day her first CD debuted. During the encore, the audience of 12000 people sang the song “Who…” as a surprise to Hamasaki, moving her to tears. Figure skate Mao Asada (17) was also in attendance of the celebration. *Even [...]

TeamAyu message 214

No. 214 18 Apr 2008 (Friday) 4:00 AM
Have you had the chance to see the new CM?
I’m in a taxi with Mr. Hamada. (^_^)b o/~
It was filmed in Shinjukuuu~.
And, for once, I play the role of an office lady,
But, shooting that day, everyone in ayu’s staff,
said ayu was NOOOOOTTT an attractive office lady!!!!!
Sheesh [...]